PlexDisc DVD+R 4.7GB 16X White Inkjet Printable Hub Printable – 100pk Cake Box (FFB) 63C-215-BX, 100 pieces


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PlexDisc LogoPlexDisc Logo

PlexDisc Media is produced under strict QC procedures providing exceptional quality.

Media testing results3Media testing results3

PlexDisc Optical Discs are available with a variety of surface top options to meet all needs:

Silver Top DVDSilver Top DVD

White Thermal DiscWhite Thermal Disc

DVD Logo Top PlexDiscDVD Logo Top PlexDisc

White Inkjet discWhite Inkjet disc

Silver Top Disc

The PlexDisc Silver Top discs do not have a stacking ring, so you can screen print artwork or a solid color all the way to the center hub. Also, ideal for printing simple text or images with compatible monochrome thermal printers.

White Thermal Printable

The PlexDisc White Thermal Printable discs are compatible with color and monochrome thermal printers, including Rimage Everest II/III/600/Encore, Prism Plus/III, Rimage publishing units, such as the 6000, 7000, 8000, 2400, 3400, 5400, Producer IV/V, and Catalyst series systems, and Teac P55 (Photo mode, Color, Black, and Versamax thermal printer technology).

Logo Top Disc

With the Logo Top discs, you can use a marker to quickly and easily label the disc for future reference.

White Inkjet Printable

The PlexDisc White Inkjet Printable discs offers excellent inkjet print quality with full color, full-surface, edge-to-edge photo quality printing with high resolution 5,760 DPI printers for labeling each disc. Qualified for use with inkjet disc printers from Primera, Microboards, Epson, Rimage and others.

Who are the top PlexDisc media users?


Govt & MilitaryGovt & Military

Religious ServicesReligious Services



Maintaining the integrity of medical documents is critical and Plexdisc media offers the reliability and archival longevity needed for the important contend stored on them.


PlexDisc optical discs are a preferred choice for government offices, all branches of the military, law enforcement, and legal services due to the secure nature of write once archival grade optical discs. Not only is it impossible to alter the content, but optical discs have a long archival lifespan.

Religious Services

All faiths use PlexDisc optical discs to record and pass out their spiritual messages, holiday performances, and special events. It’s very easy and fast to produce and duplicate content on optical discs to help spread the word and provide their followers with a lasting memento that they can keep.

Entertainment Industry

Whether you’re a budding superstar or an established musician, recording music using the clarity and flawless sound on a CD is the best way to enjoy music, PlexDisc gives everyone that opportunity.

Media Format

Surface Type
Logo Top White Inkjet Logo Top White Inkjet Logo Top White Inkjet

Manufactured by OPTODISC

700MB 700MB 4.7GB 4.7GB 25GB 25GB

1x – 52x 1x – 52x 1x – 16x 1x – 16x 1x – 6x 1x – 6x

Cake Box Cake Box Cake Box Cake Box Cake Box Cake Box

[Excellent Compatibility] Playback recorded content on virtually all CD/ DVD /BD drives, gaming systems, and CD/ DVD /BD players.
[Fast Burn Speed] With up to 16x burn speed, record 4.7GB or 2 hours of content in minutes
[Printable Disc Surface] Excellent inkjet print quality when using inkjet disc printers from Primera, Microboards, Epson PP-100/PP-50, Rimage and others
[Certified Frustration-Free Packaging] reduces risk of breakage in transport, plus the reusable spindle container provides long-term, dust-free storage