Amazon Prime viewers left ‘traumatised’ after watching horror The Vatican Tapes and brand it ‘the scariest’ film ever

AMAZON Prime viewers have been left “traumatised” after watching horror film The Vatican Tapes.

The 2015 American supernatural horror film directed by Mark Neveldine has given viewers sleepless nights, branding it “the scariest” film they’ve ever seen.

Horror fans have been left with sleepless nights after watching The Vatican Tapes


Horror fans have been left with sleepless nights after watching The Vatican TapesCredit: Alamy
Some viewers have labelled it the 'scariest' film ever


Some viewers have labelled it the ‘scariest’ film everCredit: Alamy

It follows the story of a priest and two Vatican exorcists must do battle with an ancient satanic force to save the soul of a young woman.

Many fans were left petrified after watching the scary flick.

One wrote: “I still really love The Vatican Tapes. This supernatural horror movie offers an interesting premise that I’m not sure if it’s a thing the Vatican does for real but it’s a pretty cool and intense film that has a number of creepy scenes as well.”

Another posted: “The Vatican Tapes has traumatised me.”

“I really enjoy found footage horror films, they are definitely my favourite. Then probably occult or religious movies. The Vatican Tapes one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen,” this frightened viewer tweeted.

A fourth added: “God damn, the movie Vatican Tapes is pretty good horror.”

This isn’t the only film that has given streaming users nightmares.

Netflix fans have been left “terrified” and “wetting themselves” after watching horror movie Run.

Amazon Prime viewers were “freaked out” after watching The House on Mansfield Street on Amazon Prime

While some viewers have begged fans not to view Korean film The Call alone.

And Spanish film Voces, or Don’t Listen as it’s billed in the UK, has been giving audiences nightmares.

The film has left some viewers 'traumatised'


The film has left some viewers ‘traumatised’Credit: Alamy

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School of Lies, Black Mirror Season 6, The Idol, and More: June Web Series on Netflix, Hotstar, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, JioCinema

What are the biggest TV shows and web series in June 2023? HBO’s twisted romance satire about the exploitative entertainment industry, The Idol, leads the pack of new releases this month, alongside The Witcher season 3, marking the conclusion of Henry Cavill’s presence in the dark fantasy drama. The former is co-created by Sam Levinson (Euphoria) and Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye, highlighting a fallen pop star’s struggle to return to stardom, sprinkled with a dash of drugs and overtly sexual themes. The Idol is out June 5 on JioCinema. Meanwhile, the third chapter of The Witcher series has been divided into two parts, with the upcoming segment — out June 29 on Netflix — focusing on our monster hunter’s continued attempt to protect adopted daughter Ciri.

On the local end, we’ve got two major releases this month. First is Karishma Tanna-led Scoop, charting an ambitious crime journalist’s fight against the law when she gets charged with the murder of a fellow journalist. All six episodes of the show are now available to stream on Netflix. In School of Lies, Nimrat Kaur (The Lunchbox) plays a concerned student counsellor at a private boarding school, called into action when a 12-year-old boy goes missing, unspooling a web of deceit and child abuse. The eight-episode series is now up for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

You can read more about all these TV shows and more below — and feel free to discover the complete list of upcoming web series at our entertainment hub. June also brings the next big chapter in the lives of Carmy’s chaotic Chicago eatery in The Bear season 2, and the fourth and final season of the tactical espionage Jack Ryan.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse to Bloody Daddy, the Biggest Movies Releasing in June

With that, here’s our TV guide to June 2023, covering releases on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+ Hotstar, JioCinema, and Netflix.


When: June 2
Where: Netflix

Jagruti Pathak (Karishma Tanna) is very good at her job — working her way to becoming the Deputy Bureau Chief in just a matter of seven years, thanks to her questionable ways (bribes) of getting tips and extracting information for her crime stories. All that comes crashing down one day when she’s charged with the murder of a fellow journalist, whom she’s previously had public disagreements with. Adding salt to the wounds is Chhota Rajan, the infamous Indian gangster, who claims that Jagruti had provoked him, which eventually led to him ordering the daylight murder.

Consequently, she’s locked up inside a prison cell, with the trial bringing several devils from her past — the criminals she reported on — including a notorious sharpshooter, a nefarious bookie, and Rajan himself. Hansal Mehta, best known for Scam 1992, directs Scoop, which is inspired by the autobiographical book from Jigna Vora, ‘Behind Bars In Byculla: My Days in Prison,’ which charts the power dynamics that govern the inmates of a prison and her struggle to survive behind bars among those who are still salty about her reporting. Prosenjit Chatterjee (Jubilee) plays the murder victim, senior crime journalist Jaideb Sen, while Harman Baweja (It’s My Life) is the impatient police officer in charge of the investigation.

All six episodes of Scoop are out now on Netflix.

School of Lies

When: June 2
Where: Disney+ Hotstar

On the face of it, the fictional River Issac School of Education looks like a prestigious boarding school surrounded by hills, housing top-of-the-line facilities for privileged kids. But beneath that glamour lies a team of authorities who run the establishment through deceit and secrets, which slowly come to light when 12-year-old Shakti Salgaonkar goes missing. As the investigation starts heating up, a guidance counsellor (Nimrat Kaur) is brought onto the scene to question the students without scaring them or making them feel as if they’re in trouble. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case, with every child giving a different account of Shakti’s disappearance and the type of kid he was.

He’s described as a liar, an egotistical and indisciplined child who would steal money from others. Clearly, the students are aware of his last whereabouts and it appears as though the warden is somehow caught up in all this — even trying to extract Rs. 2 lakh from one of the rich kids. An ageing teacher with a terrible secret, a mother in denial, and suspicions of child abuse, all converge in School of Lies, which tries to portray a child’s loneliness and repression. Popular cinematographer Avinash Arun Dhaware (Masaan) co-created the series with Ishani Banerjee (Despatch), which also stars Aamir Bashir (Sacred Games), Geetika Vidya Ohlyan (Unpaused), and Jitendra Joshi (Ved).

All eight episodes of School of Lies are now available on Disney+ Hotstar.

The Idol

When: June 5
Where: JioCinema (HBO)

With Euphoria creator Sam Levinson at its helm, The Idol is billed as the ‘sleaziest love story in all of Hollywood’ — and in all fairness, it seems to have gotten that part right, raising concerns at the Cannes Film Festival with its overtly graphic scenes. Following a nervous breakdown that got her world tour cancelled, fallen idol Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) wants to gain her rightful stardom back, wanting to establish herself as the ‘greatest and sexiest’ pop star in America. But the journey back up is treacherous, from the exploitative industry judging her every move, to a backup dancer (Jennie Ruby Jane) stealing all the attention.

Her saving grace comes in the form of Tedros (Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye), a mysterious nightclub owner, who’s also revealed to be the leader of a modern-day cult. Through pep talks, fashion tips, and business advice, Tedros slowly invades Jocelyn’s life, making her fall in love with him while gaining undue perks; the relationship is quite toxic, so to speak. In addition to starring as the lead, The Weeknd is also the co-creator of The Idol, and reportedly responsible for some on-set turmoil that led to the show being more sexually focused. It also brings an ensemble cast into play, namely Suzanna Son (Red Rocket), singer Troy Sivan, Dan Levy (Schitt’s Creek), Rachel Sennott (Bodies Bodies Bodies), and Eli Roth (Inglourious Basterds).

The Idol premieres June 5 on JioCinema, with the remaining six episodes following a weekly schedule.

Watch the Trailer for The Idol, Starring Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd

the idol june 2023 tv series the idol june 2023 tv series

Lily-Rose Depp and Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye from a still from The Idol
Photo Credit: Eddy Chen/ HBO

The Crowded Room

When: June 9
Where: Apple TV+

In the summer of 1979, a young man Danny Sullivan (Tom Holland), is arrested for a shocking New York City shooting, but he claims to have zero recollection of it. A kind of a loser at school and in social interactions, he is soon assigned a clinical psychologist Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried), who interviews Danny on several occasions, gradually unspooling the tragic events since childhood that led to the fateful incident. To make matters worse, he always carries around a sketchbook with portraits of missing people — ones the cops suspect were killed by him. There also seems to be the involvement of a mysterious, bulky stranger named Yitzak (Lior Raz), who came to Danny’s aid when he was being bullied by random kids.

All the clues point toward Danny being guilty, but Rya has different ideas — theories that prove he was technically innocent in all this. The Crowded Room is based on the 1981 non-fiction book ‘The Minds of Billy Milligan,’ documenting the first person in US history to be acquitted of a major crime by pleading dissociative identity disorder. Academy Award-winner Akiva Goldsman helms the 10-episode-long series, which stars Emmy Rossum as Danny’s mother, Christopher Abbott as Danny’s lawyer, Sasha Lane as Danny’s close friend Ariana, and Will Chase as presumably one of the victims.

The first three episodes of The Crowded Room are out June 9 on Apple TV+, after which it will follow a weekly schedule until July 28.

Black Mirror season 6

When: June 15
Where: Netflix

Black Mirror is back from its long hiatus, doubling its episode count to explore surreal concepts within its dystopian themes. Season 6 will follow an anthology format as well, albeit larger in terms of cinematic scope that is poised to treat each episode as a separate movie. In ‘Joan is Awful,’ an average woman (Annie Murphy) is amazed to discover that a Netflix-like streaming platform has launched a TV drama adaptation of her life, played by Hollywood star Salma Hayek. I’m expecting the former to be obsessed with her character’s quirks, often looking for flaws and creating a weak mental image of herself. Breaking Bad fame Aaron Paul undertakes a gruelling mission in space in an alternate version of 1969, while Zazie Beetz follows around and invades a starlet’s life with a camera.

‘Demon 79,’ starring Anjana Vasan also seems like an interesting affair, wherein she’s told to commit heinous acts in public to prevent a disaster. It’s quite reminiscent of S03E03 ‘Shut Up and Dance’ — my favourite Black Mirror episode— so I’m hoping there are some jaw-dropping revelations towards the end. The trailer also suggests that the memory grain device from the first season will be making a return in this one, turning the user’s eyes misty grey and enabling them to relive entire histories. Obviously, there’s more, but creator Charlie Brooker has always kept Black Mirror plot details close to heart and usually, it’s worth waiting!

All six episodes of Black Mirror season 6 are out June 15 on Netflix.

Secret Invasion

When: June 21
Where: Disney+ Hotstar

It’s about time Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) got to shine in his own Marvel project — one that would delve into his past that turned him into the bad-ass commanding figure that he is. Crushed by the death of his colleagues in Avengers: Endgame, the former S.H.I.E.L.D. director has been aimlessly living in deep space for years, before returning to Earth. Once back, he’s thrust into a mission to investigate the clandestine invasion of the planet by a faction of shapeshifting Skrulls — it’s pretty much an MCU espionage drama. Disguises seem to be the central theme of Secret Invasion, with every interaction serving as a guessing game. Is this an ally or a Skrull in disguise?

Several known faces from the franchise, including CIA agent Everett Ross (Martin Freeman), friendly Skrull Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), and Fury’s right-hand Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) return to help him on this world-saving mission. Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) makes her MCU debut as G’iah, the punkish refugee daughter of Talos, who holds a level of bitterness toward Fury for not fulfilling his promise to the Skrulls on providing them a new home. Meanwhile, Oscar-winner Olivia Colman (The Favourite) plays Sonya Falsworth, a high-ranking MI6 agent and old ally to our now eye patch-less protagonist.

Secret Invasion premieres June 21 on Disney+ Hotstar, with the remaining five episodes dropping every Wednesday until July 26.

The Bear Season 2

When: June 22
Where: Disney+ Hotstar

After pulling the shutters on ‘The Beef’ family sandwich shop, Carmy (Jeremy Allen White) and crew want to reinvent the restaurant with a new ‘chaos menu,’ one that leans toward gourmet style but maintains the thoughtfulness of what the local eatery stood for. However, as one could only imagine, the only thing harder than running a restaurant is opening a new one. With six months left to re-open, renovations and new hirings are in full effect, as Carmy’s ragtag group of chefs slowly grow to welcome him. As part of the prep work, Tina (Liza Colón-Zayas) and Ebrahim (Edwin Lee Gibson) are sent to culinary school to perfect their art and keep up with the new, refined menu.

And if you thought Carmy was getting good at dealing with his troubled past — him seeking therapy and all in season one — you’re in for a treat, as a new unnamed character played by Molly Gordon (Shiva Baby) re-enters his life, presumably putting all his plans at an impasse. Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk is also confirmed to be appearing as a guest star in The Bear season 2. Helping Carmy realise his mission is Sugar (Abby Elliot) and Sydney (Ayo Edebiri), who take over the management and hiring processes respectively. Most of the previous cast returns, including the annoying Richard (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) and Fak (Matty Matheson), whose arguments serve as the much-needed dose of laughter amidst the show’s otherwise white-knuckle pacing.

All 10 episodes of The Bear season 2 will be available for streaming June 22 on Disney+ Hotstar.

Watch the Trailer for The Bear Season 2, Out June 22

the bear season 2 june 2023 tv series the bear season 2 june 2023 tv series

Jeremy Allen White in a still from The Bear season 2
Photo Credit: FX Productions

The Witcher Season 3: Vol. 1

When: June 29
Where: Netflix

The Witcher season 3 marks the last time Henry Cavill wields his sword and medallion as the silver-haired monster hunter Geralt of Rivia — opening the way for Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games movies) to take over, in the future. Drawing from the second instalment in Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher book series, ‘Time of Contempt,’ this new chapter takes Geralt into the fortress of Aretuza, as he continues escorting his adopted daughter Ciri (Freya Allan), who was revealed to have the Elder Blood coursing through her veins. Joining them on the crusade is the sorceress Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), hoping to uncover the untapped powers and learn how Ciri could use them to defend herself.

Upon reaching the grounds of Aretuza, however, the trio realise they’ve landed on a battlefield, brimming with political corruption, dark magic, and treachery. Emhyr Var Emreis, the Emperor of Nilfgaard, will pose big trouble for them, sending out the Wild Hunt following the shocking revelation that he was, in fact, Ciri’s father. A band of four directors are attached to direct The Witcher season 3, including Stephen Surjik (The Umbrella Academy), Gandja Monteiro (Brand New Cherry Flavor), Loni Peristere (American Horror Story), and Bola Ogun (Lucifer).

The eight-episode-long The Witcher season 3 has been divided into two parts, with the first volume containing five episodes dropping June 29 on Netflix. The remaining episodes will be out late next month.

Jack Ryan season 4

When: June 30
Where: Amazon Prime Video

John Krasinski is back for his final mission in Jack Ryan season 4 as the new CIA Acting Deputy Director, tasked with unearthing internal corruption, involving the assassination of President Udoh. In addition to his longtime teammates James Greer (Wendell Pierce) and Mike November (Michael Kelly), this time, Ryan needs some additional help — one touted as the ‘deadliest operator’ the CIA ever employed, Domingo Chavez (Michael Peña). Avid Tom Clancy novel readers might recognise him via the nickname “Ding,” specifically from 1998’s Rainbow Six. As described, he’s a bit of a loose cannon, willing to go to any lengths to extract intel from his captors, ranging from torture methods such as suffocation and physical force.

The investigation continues under the pretence that a suspicious group of black ops mercenaries are looking to expose the US’ vulnerability. However, digging deeper reveals something far more sinister — the convergence of a drug cartel with a terrorist organisation. Returning faces include Betty Gabriel as CIA Acting Director Elizabeth Wright and Abbie Cornish as Cathy Mueller.

Jack Ryan season 4 debuts June 30 on Amazon Prime Video. The final chapter comprises six episodes, with two episodes dropping each Friday, leading up to the series finale on July 14.

Affiliate links may be automatically generated – see our ethics statement for details.

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The best award-winning movies to watch on Netflix this long weekend

Looking for something to relax with this long weekend?

Keen on engrossing and entertaining viewing, but with a story that doesn’t require you to commit to much more than two hours before you get a suitable payoff?

Million Dollar Baby, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and 1917 are among the best award-winning movies available to stream on Netflix this long weekend.


Million Dollar Baby, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and 1917 are among the best award-winning movies available to stream on Netflix this long weekend.

Amongst its vast and somewhat eclectic range of flicks, Netflix has a range of award-winning movies from the last half-century.

After looking through the current line-up, Stuff to Watch has come with 10 titles that we believe will more than fit the bill.

All Quiet on the Western Front took home four Oscars from this year’s Academy Awards.

Reiner Bajo

All Quiet on the Western Front took home four Oscars from this year’s Academy Awards.

All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)

A heady combination of visceral horrors and disquieting, often dissonant, audio accompaniment is at the heart of this stunning latest adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s more than 90-year-old novel.

While making a few changes, most notably around the already very non-Hollywood ending, to heighten the tragedy and pointlessness of the conflict (as a title card notes, three million people lost their lives over a “front line” that barely moved over the course of four years), this All Quiet is still very much the traumatising experiences of young German soldier Paul Bäumer (Felix Kammerer).

Ben Affleck not only starred in Argo, he also directed it.


Ben Affleck not only starred in Argo, he also directed it.

Argo (2012)

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction. Thanks to CIA files declassified in 1997, Hollywood was finally able to tell the tale of how an Oscar-winning make-up artist helped rescue six American embassy officials trapped in Iran in the aftermath of the overthrow of the Shah and the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini.

As this tightly wound, adroitly put together drama explains, the operation was a fine example of international co-operation and the global embrace of American science- fiction in the late 1970s.

Director Ben Affleck also heads a terrific acting ensemble that features John Goodman, Alan Arkin and Bryan Cranston.

Marlon Brando is Don Corelone aka The Godfather.


Marlon Brando is Don Corelone aka The Godfather.

The Godfather (1972)

Director Francis Ford Coppola evocatively brings to life Mario Puzo’s best-selling 1969 novel chronicling the Corleone crime family.

Not only does it make terrific use of a truly impressive acting ensemble (a deep bench of talent that includes everyone from James Caan to Robert Duvall, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton and, of course, Marlon Brando), but it is filled with memorable, now iconic cinematic moments. There’s the present left on the bed, the visit to the toll booth and, naturally, the first time we meet Brando’s Don Corleone, a scene which culminates in him saying the immortal line: “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse”.

Pinocchio (Gregory Mann) finds a potentially exciting life on Count Volpe’s (Christoph Waltz) stage comes with a very detailed contract.


Pinocchio (Gregory Mann) finds a potentially exciting life on Count Volpe’s (Christoph Waltz) stage comes with a very detailed contract.

Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio (2022)

Brought to life via some truly evocative and spellbinding stop-motion animation (courtesy of The Jim Henson Company) – you can see the Italian pine wood grain and feel the expressions of joy and grief etched in their magnificently realised visages – the Mexican director cleverly shifts the action from Carlo Collodi’s beloved 1883 novel’s traditional 19th Century setting to 1930s Italy. The shadow of fascism looms large over the story, with even then Italian leader Benito Mussolini himself making an appearance. Boasting a vocal cast that includes Christoph Waltz, Ron Perlman, Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton and David Bradley, this is a tale full of resonance, jaw-dropping visuals and emotional storytelling

Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood teamed up for Million Dollar Baby.


Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood teamed up for Million Dollar Baby.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Despite being in a leading role, director Clint Eastwood actually takes a back seat to the superb combination of Morgan Freeman and Swank in this Oscar-winning boxing drama.

Packing a powerful emotional punch, it also produced one of the twists of that decade, which left many audience members in shock.

“She is an extraordinary bundle of ferocity and ice,” The Times’ James Christopher wrote of Swank’s Academy Award-winning performance.

While the story itself in 1917 is engrossing, director Sam Mendes elevates it to another level by making it seem to play out in real time and via a single, continuous shot.


While the story itself in 1917 is engrossing, director Sam Mendes elevates it to another level by making it seem to play out in real time and via a single, continuous shot.

1917 (2019)

Like Sir Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old, this is inspired by the exploits of the film-maker’s grandfather in “The Great War”. Sir Sam Mendes says the story (co-written with Penny Dreadful’s Krysty Wilson-Cairns) was based around a “fragment” Alfred Mendes told to him.

But while the story itself is engrossing, Mendes elevates it to another level by making it seem to play out in real time and via a single, continuous shot. The breathless action, excellent sound design and Thomas Newman’s urgent, driving score ensuring it is very much a cinematic spectacle.

Jack Nicholson is at his charismatic and unpredictable best as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest’s Randle McMurphy.


Jack Nicholson is at his charismatic and unpredictable best as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’s Randle McMurphy.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

Sure some of this psychological drama’s tone and actions of the main characters may not quite gel with modern audiences’ sensibilities now, but there’s no doubting the power of the performances in Milos Forman’s adaptation of Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel.

Jack Nicholson is at his charismatic and unpredictable best as a Korean War veteran and criminal who decides to take on the system, after he’s admitted to a mental institution. However, it’s his nemesis, Louise Fletcher’s Nurse Ratched, who really steals the show.

Amongst an impressive supporting cast, look out for future Taxi duo Danny DeVito and Christopher Lloyd.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper starred and sparred opposite one another in Silver Linings Playbook.


Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper starred and sparred opposite one another in Silver Linings Playbook.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Loosely based on Matthew Quick’s 2008 novel of the same name, this drama plays like a more grounded version of Benny and Joon, or Sleepless in Seattle: The Bipolar Edition, than the portrait of a man trying to remake himself – as two troubled souls stumble their way towards some kind of happiness.

As with many of David O. Russell’s tales (The Fighter, Amsterdam) though, this movie is about the actors and the juicy script Russell has delivered them. Bradley Cooper manages to be charismatic, despite his character’s inability to “filter himself” while talking, while Robert De Niro delivers one of his best performances of the past two decades.

However, the real star is Jennifer Lawrence. Best known at this point in her career for playing backwoods characters in Winter’s Bone and The Hunger Games, here she proved she can do cynical and urbane, as a troubled young widow drawn to Cooper’s breathless optimism.

Slumdog Millionaire is a tale full of toe tapping tunes, incredible imagery and, sometimes, almost unbearable tension.


Slumdog Millionaire is a tale full of toe tapping tunes, incredible imagery and, sometimes, almost unbearable tension.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Danny Boyle directs this true crowd-pleaser about a Mumbai teen who grew up in the slums and becomes a contestant on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? As he continues to excel and close in one the big prize, officials become convinced that he has to be cheating in some way.

A loose version of Vikas Swarup’s 2005 novel Q&A, it’s the movie that introduced the world to Dev Patel and everyone outside of the sub-continent to Anil Kapoor and the Bollywood musical stylings of AS Rahmen.

A tale full of toe tapping tunes, incredible imagery and, sometimes, almost unbearable tension.

Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo joined forces for Spotlight.


Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo joined forces for Spotlight.

Spotlight (2015)

A clever, compelling and character-filled combination of All the Presidents’ Men, Zodiac and Sleepers, this Academy Awards Best Picture winner is both a fantastic recreation of a small group of journalists’ determination to get to the truth and paean to the dying art of in-depth investigative journalism.

Writer-director Tom McCarthy does a superb job of keeping all the story strands taut and judges the pacing perfectly, knowing just when to drive the story on and when to linger to add that extra layer of emotional depth.

It helps that he has such a superb ensemble cast headed by Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams and Mark Ruffalo.

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Amazon ‘in talks’ to offer cell service to US Prime users • The Register

Updated Folks in the United States might one day have another option for cheaper cellphone service: Amazon Prime.

Bloomberg claims Amazon is in talks with major US carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile US, and Dish Network, to offer low-cost phone service to Prime customers.

The move, if true, isn’t all that surprising. Mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) are a dime a dozen. Google Fi Wireless, Boost Mobile, Mint Mobile, and Straight Talk are just a handful of the dozens of options available in the US. These companies pay to use larger carriers’ networks, then resell that access to customers at low prices.

Amazon reportedly plans to offer service for as little as $10 a month, though it’s whispered the web giant is also considering offering the service at no cost to Prime subscribers. Prime customers already pay $139 a year for access to express shipping and Amazon’s streaming services, so it could be a way to inspire customer loyalty.

We suppose it’s a lot harder to cancel your Prime subscription if you have to go through the rigmarole of porting your number to another network or getting a new one.

Amazon is hardly the first major tech or e-commerce company to go down this road. As we said, Google has operated an MVNO service under the Fi brand for years, meanwhile Walmart has Family Mobile.

There’s no guarantee that Amazon will actually offer the service. The talks have reportedly been ongoing for the past six to eight weeks and have, at times, included AT&T in the mix. According to the report, it could be months before the House That Bezos Built starts rolling out service, if at all.

Amazon Ring, Alexa accused of every nightmare IoT security fail you can imagine


It’s worth noting Amazon doesn’t necessarily have to choose one carrier. It’s not uncommon for MVNOs to pay for access to multiple networks to ensure nationwide coverage.

It’s also unclear what customers might be giving up if they opt to purchase cell service through Amazon. While most MVNOs market unlimited talk, text, and data plans, just like the larger carriers, there are usually some asterisks that need to be taken into account.

Limits on data speed and capped limits, access to 5G spectrum, tethering, and streaming video quality are common caveats associated with cut-rate wireless providers. MVNO traffic also tends to be deprioritized, which means customers could see their data speeds slow to a crawl in congested areas.

The Register asked Amazon for comment on its reported plans; we’ll let you know if we hear anything back. ®

Updated to add

“We are always exploring adding even more benefits for Prime members, but don’t have plans to add wireless at this time,” an Amazon spokesperson told The Register. Make of that what you will.


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Meet Netflix’s Top Leaders Who Drive Its Big Decisions: the Lstaff

  • Netflix has a top team of business leaders who debate and drive the company’s biggest decisions.
  • This “Lstaff” includes co-CEOs Greg Peters and Ted Sarandos plus execs leading new areas like gaming and ads.
  • Meet the 25 Netflix leaders who make up the Lstaff below.

When Netflix is faced with a big, agenda-setting decision, it convenes a special team of business heads to debate the issue at hand.

This group, which numbers 25, has helped shape major company moves like its expansion into mobile games and advertising.

Known internally as the “Lstaff ” — the L stands for leadership — the group is made up of select department heads with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and remits.

It consists of Netflix’s C-suite execs including co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters, along with cofounder and executive chairman Reed Hastings, as well as other business leads like Bela Bajaria, the chief content officer who heads up global TV and film. Scott Stuber, the company’s film chair who rolls up to Bajaria, is also part of the Lstaff, as are Minyoung Kim — vice president of content for Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand — and Vernā Myers, who leads inclusion strategy.

The Lstaff has changed somewhat in the past couple of years to reflect exits, hires, and new areas of growth for the company. Recent additions include Jeremi Gorman, who was hired from Snap to build Netflix’s advertising business; Mike Verdu, who is leading its move into gaming; and Spencer Wang, who oversees a few areas at Netflix including its modest but growing M&A activity.

Scroll down to read about the people on Netflix’s Lstaff, listed in alphabetical order, and the perspective each brings.

This list was originally published in February 2021 and has been updated to reflect new leadership.

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The Wardrobe Refresh Sale On Amazon Fashion Is Finally Here


The dawn of a new season is the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into your wardrobe with a burst of vibrant hues, the grace of flowy silhouettes, and effortlessly breezy fashionable outfits. And what could be better than immersing yourself in this season’s ultimate shopping spree? Brace yourselves for the Wardrobe Refresh Sale on Amazon Fashion, your one-stop destination to fulfill every fashion desire. 

Returning for its 12th edition, this much-anticipated shopping extravaganza is taking place till June 6, 2023, and provides you with deals across an extensive range of the most loved fashion and beauty brands that will inspire you to revamp your wardrobe. The best part is that you stand to enjoy anything between 50% to 80% Off. But wait, there’s more! Customers can also avail free delivery on their first order, get 20% cashback* and save extra up to 30% off on buying 2 or more products, and  Prime members can additionally enjoy APay rewards worth INR 2,000 on shopping for INR 2,000* and above. It’s a deal that’s simply too good to let go! Ahead, discover our curated selection of the best offerings from the Wardrobe Refresh Sale on Amazon Fashion.

Trendy Breezy Dresses

Explore a delightful tapestry of floral prints, bold patterns, and vibrant colours with a variety of fashionable options to choose from. Whether you sway towards the elegance of an evening gown or are more charmed by easy-breezy dresses, there’s something for everyone’s unique taste and style.


Chic Cotton Suits 

A versatile and comfortable choice for various occasions, cotton suits deserve a place in every woman’s wardrobe. Made from natural and breathable cotton fabric, these suits offer a lightweight, gentle touch against your skin and can be dressed up or down, making them perfect for warm weather.


Fashion-Forward Tote Bags

A shining star in the world of women’s accessories, tote bags beautifully bring to life the blend of timeless elegance and contemporary style. Effortlessly complementing both formal and casual ensembles, take it from us when we say: A trusty tote bag never disappoints.


The Art Of Bling

Your quest for quintessential jewellery pieces at pocket-friendly prices officially ends here! From delicate necklaces to sparkling earrings and everyday rings, these pieces are sure to become a testament to your personal style.


Get Skin Deep

Struggling to maintain a healthy and radiant complexion amidst changing weather conditions? The Wardrobe Refresh Sale has got your back! From sunscreen to light moisturisers and serums, find all that you need to put on a brave face to combat weather woes, both figuratively and literally!


Lipstick Love

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Versatile Sole-Mates

Let’s face it, your choice of footwear can make or break your outfit. Whether you’re taking a stroll under the sun or braving the rain for a jog, find the best picks that not only look great but also guarantee comfort.


Ticking With Style

Keep things simple yet classic by adorning your wrist with a luxe watch that exudes timeless elegance and sophistication. Crafted with meticulous attention to every detail, these timepieces are a must-have accessory for discerning gentlemen.


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11 Best New Shows on Netflix: June 2023’s Top Upcoming Series to Watch

Released June 8


CAST: Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Poorna Jagannathan, Richa Moorjani, Ramona Young, Lee Rodriguez, Darren Barnet, Jaren Lewison, Michael Cimino, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Ranjita Chakravarty, Niecy Nash, Megan Suri, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Trent Harrison, John McEnroe


DESCRIPTION: Senior year has finally arrived for Devi Vishwakumar (Ramakrishnan) and her friends, and with it, plenty more new drama and excitement to go around. As the characters all do their best to face the future, they navigate the difficult college application and selection process, identity crises, romances, friendships, and more, culminating in a series finale for the ages. Don’t miss out on the fourth and final season of this beloved comedy-drama series streaming only on Netflix.

Stream Never Have I Ever on netflix

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Jack Ryan Season 4, With Love & 11 other new titles that’ll raise the entertainment quotient in June 2023

It’s time to update your binge-watch list with new shows and movies arriving on Amazon Prime Video in June 2023. The OTT platform is all geared up to raise the entertainment quotient with new engaging titles like John Krasinski’s much-awaited Jack Ryan Season 4, a new edge-of-the-seat thriller Medellin, Culpa Mia, and more. Below, is the complete list of new shows and movies arriving on Amazon Prime Video in June (2023) that deserve a spot on your watchlist.

New on Amazon Prime Video: Jack Ryan Season 4, With Love & 11 other new titles that’ll raise the entertainment quotient in June 2023

June 2

1. Medellin

New on Amazon Prime Video

Medellin is an edge-of-the-seat thriller that follows a YouTuber who is kidnapped by a Colombian gang. After discovering the truth about the kidnapping incident, the YouTuber’s elder brother teams up with a Colombian police officer and a former American agent to rescue his brother.

2. Deadloch

New on Amazon Prime Video

Set in the town of Deadloch, Tasmania, Amazon Prime Video’s new thriller series Deadloch centers around a senior sergeant Dulcie Collins (Kate Box), investigator Eddie Redcliffe (Madeleine Sami), and constable Abby (Nina Oyama) who will need to overcome their differences to solve a complicated case.

3. Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets

New on Amazon Prime Video

The four-part docuseries reveals the truth about The Duggars – one of America’s favourite television families. The docuseries will also shed light on their equation with the insidious Christian organization – The Institute in Basic Life Principles.

4. With Love

New on Amazon Prime Video

The makers of With Love will be returning with another new season that’ll center around two siblings: Lily and Jorge, who navigate through heartbreaks, weddings, and other life experiences with the help of their family.

June 6

5. The Ride Season 1

New on Amazon Prime Video

Created by Rebecca Boss and Chris Masi, The Ride is an exciting neo-Western drama that revolves around the McMurrays, who struggle to keep their ranch afloat. Nancy Travis, Tiera Skovbye and Beau Mirchoff headline the upcoming drama.

June 8

6. Culpa Mia

New on Amazon Prime Video

Fran Berenguer, Noah Casas and Gabriel Guevara come together for Amazon Prime Video’s intense drama, Culpa Mia. The Domingo González directorial delves into the life of a young girl who is forced to leave her town and move into her mother’s new rich husband’s mansion. The intriguing plot thickens when she starts developing feelings for her stepbrother, Nick.

June 9

7. Udeekan Teriyan

New on Amazon Prime Video

Udeekan Teriyan is a Punjabi movie directed by Raj Sinha. The movie revolves around two individuals who are looking for their missing partners. The story takes an interesting turn when they run into each other and share their stories. What happens next forms the plot of the movie.

8. The Lake Season 2

New on Amazon Prime Video

The makers of The Lake are back with a new season. The upcoming drama focuses on Justin who tries to reconnect with his biological daughter years after giving her up for adoption.

9. The World’s Most Dangerous Show

New on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video’s new drama The World’s Most Dangerous Show is headlined by Joko Winterscheidt. The upcoming show follows the popular German television host who decides to take on the climate crisis. On his journey, he meets a few interesting fellows who help him in his mission. Another exciting option that deserves a spot on your watchlist.

10. Creed 3

New on Amazon Prime Video

Michael B. Jordan, Jonathan Majors and Tessa Thompson come together for the third installment of Creed. The sports drama tells the story of Adonis Creed aka Donnie who faces his childhood friend and boxing prodigy Damian Anderson aka Dame in the ring. Although the latter has returned stronger than ever after serving his sentence in prison, will he be able to take down the champion?

June 16

11. The Grand Tour Season 5

New on Amazon Prime Video

The fifth season of The Grand Tour will feature Jeremy, Richard and James who embark on a dangerous journey to the Scandinavian Arctic Circle. An adrenaline-pumping drama that deserves your attention.

June 23

12. I’m a Virgo

New on Amazon Prime Video

I’m a Virgo is an upcoming comedy show created by Boots Riley. The coming-of-age show tells the tale of a 13-foot-tall man who tries to navigate through tough situations in real life while forming new bonds. Amazon Prime Video’s new offering is headlined by Jharrel Jerome.

June 30

13. Jack Ryan Season 4

New on Amazon Prime Video

John Krasinski is back as Jack Ryan in the final season of the popular action thriller drama. The new season will feature the new CIA Acting Deputy Director unearthing a series of corrupt officials within the agency itself. High on suspense, thrill, action, and plot twists, the upcoming drama is quite engaging.

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Bombay HC to hear Chhota Rajan’s suit against Netflix series Scoop next on June 7

Jailed underworld don Chhota Rajan is currently lodged in the Tihar jail. | Photo Credit: PTI

The Bombay High Court on Friday adjourned the suit filed by gangster Chhota Rajan against OTT platform Netflix’s series Scoop alleging infringement of personality rights & seeking Re 1 in damages. HC says the series is already released & asks respondents to file reply. Next hearing is on June 7.

Chhota Rajan’s case against Scoop

In 2022, Chhota Rajan, a former Indian gangster, filed a case against Netflix in the Bombay High Court, alleging that the streaming service had infringed on his copyright by using his name and likeness in the web series Scoop. Rajan argued that the series was based on his life without his permission and that it portrayed him in a defamatory light.

Netflix denied the allegations, arguing that the series was a work of fiction and that it did not use Rajan’s name or likeness without his permission. The company also argued that the series was protected by freedom of expression.

March 2023 ruling of the HC

In a ruling issued in March 2023, the Bombay High Court refused to direct Netflix to take down the series. However, the court did allow Rajan to amend his case and to seek damages from Netflix.

Rajan’s case against Netflix is one of several cases that have been filed against streaming services in recent years by individuals who allege that their copyrights have been infringed. These cases raise important questions about the extent to which streaming services can use real-life events and people in their productions.

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Prime Video’s Cruel Intentions Series Announces Full Cast

The main cast for Prime Video’s Cruel Intentions television series, based on the Sarah Michelle Gellar movie of the same name, has been announced.

According to Variety, the primary stars include Sarah Catherine Hook, who will play Caroline. Zac Burgess has been cast as Lucien, while Khobe Clarke will portray Scott. Brooke Lena Johnson takes on the role of Beatrice. Sara Silva has been cast as CeCe. Sean Patrick Thomas will play Professor Chadwick. John Harlan Kim has been cast as Blaise, and Myra Molloy will portray Annie. Recurring guest stars include Laura Benanti, who will appear in a recurring guest role as Caroline’s mother, Claudia, and Jon Tenney as U.S. Congressman Russell.


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The Cruel Intentions series received an order for eight episodes in early April, and the show was expected to debut on Amazon’s free streaming service, Freevee. Phoebe Fisher and Sara Goodman will write the pilot and collaborate on future episodes. Neal H. Moritz, who served as a producer on the original film, will executive produce the series alongside Pavun Shetty. Production is scheduled to begin in Toronto this June.

What Is Cruel Intentions About?

The series is said to follow “two ruthless step-siblings who would go to great lengths to stay on top of the social pyramid.” Set in a prestigious college in Washington, D.C., their attention is focused on the Greek life hierarchy. When a brutal hazing event jeopardizes the Panhellenic system, they embark on a relentless quest to safeguard their influence and reputations, even if it means seducing the daughter of the Vice President of the United States.

There have been several previous attempts to reboot Cruel Intentions, which is based on the renowned novel Dangerous Liaisons. In 2016, NBC commissioned a pilot for a follow-up to the film, with Gellar attached to reprise her role as Kathryn Merteuil. However, the project did not progress to an entire series. Before that, Fox toyed with the idea of a prequel series, but it was canceled before airing. Two direct-to-video films, Cruel Intentions 2 and Cruel Intentions 3, were released in 2001 and 2004, respectively.

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Written and directed by Roger Kumble, the original Cruel Intentions film is set in New York City. The story revolves around the lives of step-siblings Kathryn Merteuil (Gellar) and Sebastian Valmont (Ryan Phillippe), who attend a wealthy Manhattan prep school. Known for their ruthless and manipulative nature, they engage in a wager which involves Sebastian attempting to seduce Annette Hargrove (Reese Witherspoon), the daughter of the new Headmaster at their school.

Prime Video’s Cruel Intentions does not yet have a release window.

Source: Variety

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