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The streaming giant has been infamous for canceling shows that people liked, yet continuing the ones the viewers were begging to end. Adding to the long list of shows that shouldn’t have ended, “Shadow and Bone” has been canceled after releasing just two seasons.

Shadow and Bone

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The End of Alina Starkov’s Story

Things looked great with the trajectory of “Shadow and Bone,” so it came as a surprise to the fans of the TV series that it was getting canceled. The show was based on the novel series written by Leigh Bardugo, who was behind the well-known “Grishaverse.”

With talks of the third season and even a “Six of Crows” spin-off, a cancelation was not one of the two options that the showrunners would’ve anticipated. In fact, season two was viewed by 55 million households when it was released.

Unfortunately, the numbers weren’t enough to convince the studio that a third season was the best move, as reported by Collider. Some argue that the first season was a success as it stuck closely to the source material, while the second season added other storylines from other books.

The ending is also a mess as it holds an open ending, given that the writers had a third season in mind. The Sun Summoner tapped into dark magic by using merzost to save Mal after being fatally injured, but they didn’t end up together anyway.

This led us to believe with the thought of them being endgame, the show would go on for a while to see them finally be with each other. It seems that we are mistaken and that we can continue to follow everyone else’s stories through the books if we need to know what happens.

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Shows That Should’ve Been Renewed

There are a lot of great original shows within the streaming service that were already canceled, despite continuing shows that people, even fans, have begged the company to end such as “Riverdale.” TV shows like “Warrior Nun” and “The Order” did not deserve to be short-lived.

Unfortunately for “The Order,” fans’ pleas to continue the show bore no results. The show ends in the second season as well. Part of the reason was the pandemic. With the show revolving around a college campus, Netflix was struggling to make things work with the restrictions.

The show had a rich lore and had the potential to be expanded for several more seasons. Even with the pandemic dying down, the company did not think that “The Order” should be revived. Luckily for the fans of “Warrior Nun,” cancelation is not the end of the franchise.

Fans of the show about fighter nuns and Christian mythology were very intent on breathing life back into the show. It was eventually announced that the show would be continued as movies, particularly a trilogy, as per Hollywood Reporter.

More details about the upcoming movies were not yet revealed, partially due to the stikes in Hollywood. With both the WGA and the SAG-AFTRA strikes over, we might hear from the showrunners soon.

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