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Amazon paused new enrollments for Seller Fulfilled Prime despite strong delivery reliability from sellers in the fulfillment program, according to newly unredacted portions of the Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit against the company.

Amazon launched its Seller Fulfilled Prime program in 2015, which allows third-party sellers to independently fulfill Prime-eligible orders without using the company’s in-house fulfillment service. The company paused new enrollment in 2019 before reopening it again this October.

The FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon, originally filed in September, highlights that pause as one example of how sellers are cornered into using Amazon’s fulfillment services instead of using alternative providers.

Sellers enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime, or SFP, met Amazon’s delivery estimate requirement more than 95% of the time in 2018, according to the complaint. These sellers at times outperformed orders covered by Amazon’s own fulfillment service, it added…

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