Hearten Book Awards 2023 Nods to ‘A Path to Excellence’ by …


Hearten Book Awards 2023 'A Path to Excellence' by Tony Jeton Selimi

Hearten Book Awards 2023 ‘A Path to Excellence’ by Tony Jeton Selimi

A Path to Excellence Book by Tony Jeton Selimi

A Path to Excellence Book by Tony J Selimi

A Path to Excellence Book by Tony J Selimi

Uplifting Non-fiction ‘A Path to Excellence’ by Tony Jeton Selimi Makes Notable Mark in the Hearten Book Awards 2023

This inspiring, enjoyable, fast-moving book shows you how to unlock your full power for unlimited success.”

— Brian Tracy, Author, Chairman, and CEO of Brian Tracy International

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Acclaimed Book, ‘A Path to Excellence’, Shortlisted for the Prestigious 2023 Hearten Book Awards

Renowned for its uplifting and inspirational approach, the much-acclaimed non-fiction masterpiece, ‘A Path to Excellence’, penned by Tony Jeton Selimi, has achieved another milestone by being shortlisted for the illustrious 2023 Hearten Book Awards in the novel competition category. This recognition echoes the book’s continuous success in empowering individuals to reach their highest potential.

‘A Path to Excellence’ has consistently held the #1 spot in several bestseller lists, thanks to its impactful narrative and transformative insights. Unsurprisingly, the Hearten Book Awards—known for celebrating books that inspire and enlighten—have taken note of this potent work of non-fiction, shining the spotlight on its influential message.

The meticulously crafted, reader-centric content within ‘A Path to Excellence’ has ignited a spark among readers across global boundaries, transforming countless lives. The book’s unique blend of wisdom, motivation and practical guidance distils the essence of personal and professional growth, enabling individuals to navigate their path to success seamlessly.

Tony J. Selimi, the mastermind behind this brilliant creation, expressed gratitude for this recognition and said, “This shortlisting signifies the impact the book has made in reshaping lives and inspires me to keep writing, uplifting, and enlightening many more on their journey towards excellence.”

The Hearten Book Awards 2023 is bestowed on extraordinary books that have astounded and amazed them with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex philosophies, inspiring character stories, and original ideas. Selimi’s book A Path to Excellence deserves extraordinary praise for book publishing excellence and creativity in design, content, and production for authors and publishers.

“The pursuit of excellence will always be the better option when compared to settling for mediocrity,” Selimi states. “I wrote the book because I know one essential thing in life is achieving growth and fulfilment and living a life you deserve and love – not just winning and succeeding but also achieving excellence in what you do. By healing our body-mind, developing a growth mindset, and learning how to use our emotional and analytical faculties intelligently, one’s life can be better. I want to give them (readers) a road map to win the inevitable and ever-evolving life challenges and the battles they’ll encounter on their journey to grow into their fullest potential. You can build the confidence and certainty to successfully liberate yourself from the emotional baggage and distress by fully completing the eight-step Octagon of Excellence method and developing a new way of thinking and being that will transcend your mind and elevate your living, igniting a revolution in thinking to better our modern world. I aim for readers to reclaim their gifts and power and be responsible for their destiny, growth, and life achievements.”

Each of the eight steps embedded in The Octagon of Excellence® Method guides readers to improve mental readiness, grow their resilience, and be able to give and receive constructive and objective feedback. It encourages collaboration, self-re-evaluation, and self-reflection as they go through life’s challenges and eight inevitable cycles. This a compelling guide to help anyone ditch the average by learning the antidote to procrastination and the ‘fake-it-till-you-make-it’ culture.

Step forward a fresh new way to:

• Face anxiety, doubts, and judgment head-on, go beyond perceived limits and succeed in all aspects of life.

• Address every challenge mindfully, sharpen your focus, improve mental readiness, control distractions, and give and receive constructive and objective feedback.

• Use collaboration, re-evaluation, and self-reflection to go through the eight inevitable cycles of life and build a better life.

• Be bolder, more confident, and fearless on a mission to make a positive difference in the world.

• To empower oneself to grow and nurture relationships, family, school, career, business, ministry, community, etc.

• Eight life-enhancing principles anyone struggling can use to re-learn how to stop procrastinating and become bold enough to try new things.

• Infuse life with limitless certainty, freedom, and untapped potential. And More!

Excellence is not an act but a habit. ‘A Path to Excellence’ guides its readers to transform these habits into personal success. The awards and reviews keep growing. It has been selected for national interviews and is featured on international TV/Radio/Podcast shows.

“A Path to Excellence” By Tony Jeton Selimi

Hardcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 204 pages | ISBN 9798765229538

Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5in | 204 pages | ISBN 9798765229552

E-Book | 204 pages | ISBN 9798765229545

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**About the Author**

Tony J. Selimi is an Award-Winning and #1 Internationally Best-selling Author of several books, Speaker, and Transformational Life Coach and Business Growth Expert specialising in Human Behaviour and Maximising Human Potential. He works virtually and in person with clients all over the globe, facilitating the realisation and accomplishment of personal, relationship, professional, financial, leadership and business goals and creating life-changing breakthroughs, growth and accelerating your journey to greater levels of fulfilment, wealth and success.

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