3 underrated shows on Prime Video to watch in November


Amazon Prime Video has plenty of high-profile shows. Most recently, these include Gen V, a critically praised spinoff of The Boys, and Upload, which concludes its third season this month. But there are other shows, new and older, that sometimes fly under the radar.

What about an exciting hidden gem to check out that maybe your friends and family haven’t seen yet? Check out these three underrated shows on Prime Video you need to watch in November.


With elements of the supernatural, Romancero follows two characters, Cornelia (Txunamy Ortiz) and Jordan (Sasha Cocola), as they run through a desert-like space, hiding from various forces. The Spanish-language Prime Original, which also features Money Heist’s Alba Flores, has demons, witches, and other mythical creatures. It reportedly drew inspiration from a variety of sources and genres, including Gothic literature.

What truly makes this show a must-watch, however, is the fact that all the action takes place through a single evening, building the intensity to exciting heights throughout. Expect lots of special effects, interesting shooting locations, and an overall creative story.

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P.I. Meena

A woman in the dark with a flashlight in a scene from Amazon Prime Video series P.I. Meena.
Amazon Prime Video

The latest in the detective drama category, P.I. Meena follows a young female detective named Meena (Tanya Maniktala) who becomes embroiled in a web of conspiracies and deceit. She struggles to balance her personal life with her determination to solve a seemingly unsolvable case.

Available originally in the Hindi language, P.I. Meena is full of twists and turns that are fully explored and built out through its episodes. Described as dark and gritty, P.I. Meena is surely a binge-watch, as the edge-of-your-seat tension will make it tough to stop before getting to the resolution.

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Invincible – Official Trailer | Prime Video

While Invincible has received some attention since it originally premiered in 2021, the adult animated superhero series from Robert Kirkman has largely flown under the radar despite the overwhelmingly positive critic reviews. Boasting the vocal talents of J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh, and Steven Yuen (Beef), Invincible is about Mark (Yuen), the son of the most powerful superhero, Omni-Man (Simmons), as he navigates a transformational path to harnessing his powers.

With the second season premiering this month, it’s the perfect time to watch all eight episodes of season 1 and catch up. With an almost perfect Rotten Tomatoes critics score, Invincible has been called bold, bloody, and nuanced. Like Kirkman’s other works, most notably The Walking Dead, the series isn’t for the faint of heart. But if you love shows that push the envelope when it comes to gore, provocation, and grit, Invincible fits the bill.

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