Netflix in Your Neighbourhood adds more Vancouver-shot show…


It’s a familiar Vancouver experience: you’re watching a new show and suddenly see a scene that makes you go, “Hey, I know where that place is!” (The first time it happened for me was You Me Her, where the ostensibly Portland-set series had jarringly obvious shots of the Port of Vancouver’s red cranes in the background.)

You spend the rest of the evening arguing over what cross-streets that specific shot used, and then realize you haven’t actually been paying attention to the plot at all. 

Luckily, Netflix in Your Neighbourhood has updated its map with some of the streaming giant’s latest smashes, including three series shot right here in BC. 

Which means you can find out exactly which stretch of natural beauty backgrounds Virgin River’s mud bath bickering (Camp Howdy, a corporate retreat in North Vancouver) and where The Fall of the House of Usher’s affecting opening scene was shot (the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary). 

Further afield, Our Planet II spends plenty of time on the coast, showing off the natural beauty of the animals that live in Campbell River and Haida Gwaii (as well as Karrak Lake and Igloolik in Nunavut). 

Painkiller and You’re So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah have also had their Ontario filming locations added in this update. 

Currently, there are 18 shows filmed in BC that have their locations available on Netflix in Your Neighbourhood, with other Hollywood North-shot titles including The Night Agent, Brazen, and the conspicuously not-Midwestern Devil In Ohio. The magic of television!

There’s also a list of restaurants that have starred in Netflix shows, including Chinatown’s iconic New Town bakery.


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