Elon Musk Agrees Netflix, Disney Should Maybe Meet The Same…


Elon Musk appears to agree that Netflix Inc. NFLX and Walt Disney Co’s DIS Disney+ should meet the same fate as cable TV while mentioning the potential of artificial intelligence in content creation.

What Happened: On Monday, a user on X (formerly Twitter) took to the platform and criticized the trend of increasingly “woke” narratives in television shows. The user expressed frustration with shows turning into lectures after promising starts. 

Another commenter pointed out the heavy-handedness of some of these narratives.

In his reply, Musk shared a face with tears of joy emoji and the number 100 to signal his agreement with the sentiment. 

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Interestingly, Musk, who co-founder ChatGPT-parent OpenAI in 2015, left in 2018 and has since targeted the popular AI-powered chatbot for being too “woke,” also voiced his belief in the potential of AI in content creation.

Why It’s Important: Earlier this year, Musk assembled a team of AI researchers and developers, such as former Google DeepMind AI unit researcher Igor Babuschkin, to create a rival to ChatGPT. The primary differentiating factor of Musk’s AI software would be its departure from what he refers to as a “woke” approach.

Previously, Musk characterized ChatGPT as “impressively advanced” but expressed concerns about the potential perils of imbuing AI with a “woke” sensibility, contending that training AI to conform to such an ideology equates to promoting deception and could have grave consequences.

“The danger of training AI to be woke – in other words, lie – is deadly,” he posted on X in December last year. 

Meanwhile, last month, it was reported that Hollywood studios, such as Warner Bros. Discovery, Netflix, and Disney, can continue using writers’ work to train AI models under a new tentative Writers Guild of America or WGA labor deal. 

The deal ensures credit and compensation when AI tools are employed.

AI, like ChatGPT, has been contentious for replicating human-like text using extensive data, including writers’ content. Studios have been eager to apply AI for various uses, like script summarization.

However, the debate over using creators’ work for AI without compensation has led to lawsuits and negotiations, such as The Associated Press and OpenAI’s licensing agreement.

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