New York JFK8 Amazon workers walk out during October Prime …


JFK8 warehouse in Staten Island.

Amazon workers walked out last Wednesday at the JFK8 warehouse in Staten Island, New York to demand a living wage and better working conditions. The walkout coincided with this year’s Prime Big Deal Days sale and took place from 5 PM to 7 PM. Workers on the day shift left the warehouse one hour early, and those on the night shift arrived at work one hour late.

Prime Days are giant sales that Amazon holds every year for its Prime members, with this year’s Prime Day selling 375 million items worldwide. In addition to this sale, which the company generally holds in July, Amazon has inaugurated a second event, Prime Big Deal Days, in October. Both events require grueling overtime shifts for Amazon workers to meet demand.

The walkout at JFK8 was organized by the Amazon Labor Union’s (ALU) Democratic Reform Caucus, which was established earlier this year in opposition to the leadership around Chris Smalls. ALU won a union election at the facility early last year, but has suffered a series of high profile setbacks as the upstart organization has integrated itself with the Democratic Party and the AFL-CIO union bureaucracy.

An ALU reform caucus organizer spoke to More Perfect Union about the job action.

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