Best LEGO fall Prime Day deals now live from $8


All of the best fall Prime Day 2023 LEGO deals are here. For its Prime Big Deals Day sale, Amazon is leading the pack with a collection of discounts on the year’s latest sets, while the likes of Walmart enters with some rare chances to save on display-worthy models and more. You’ll find new all-time lows across an assortment of Star Wars sets, the latest from the Marvel lineup, and more as part of the best LEGO Prime Big Deals Day price cuts.

UCS Landspeeder now on sale!

Joining the other UCS LEGO Star Wars sets on sale, the Landspeeder is now on sale. This UCS kit normally sells for $240, but is now marked down to $150. It’s one of the first-ever discounts and a new Amazon all-time low that beats the price cut we saw earlier in the week by an extra $18. While it isn’t quite as exciting as a UCS Razor Crest or Republic Gunship, we did walk away fairly impressed in our hands-on review.

Save on the LEGO UCS Razor Crest

If the offer from earlier in the week wasn’t enticing enough, LEGO itself is now offering one of the best deals we’ve seen all year. The LEGO UCS Razor Crest was just launched last fall, and it is finally seeing another chance to save. The second price cut yet is beating the first, and now dropping the recent Ultimate Collectors Series set down to $419.99. It’s down from $600, and marking a new all-time low. This is $180 off and beating the original offer by an extra $60.

The UCS Razor Crest stacks up to 6,187 pieces and arrives as one of the largest Star Wars kits of all-time. It’s not exactly minifigure scale, but one of the closer models to being the perfect size for the included figures. It looks amazing on the outside with a display-worthy design, but also carries that over to some furnished interiors with the same attention to detail.

Then there are the minifigures. The LEGO Group is delivering four different characters from the Disney+ series, three of which are exclusive to the new UCS Razor Crest set. Because we’re talking about The Mandalorian, you’ll notably find Din Djarin himself outfitted with a refreshed look of his original Durasteel armor complete with arm printing and some other updates. You’re of course getting Grogu, as well. 

Then there’s the other pair of exclusives who arrive in the form of two other characters, of which you’ll find the Mythrol bounty from the first episode for the first time. There’s also a new mold for Kuill who comes complemented by a brick-built Blurrg. All of that makes this one of the best LEGO fall Prime Day deals, and one of the most enticing discounts of the year from the LEGO world.

Love it or hate it, LEGO’s UCS Republic Gunship has been one of the most talked about sets since it launched back in the summer of 2021. Since then, a lot of the negative press has died down and builders have come around on the UCS Clone Wars kit. Now Walmart is offering the second chance of the year to save, dropping the LEGO Star Wars UCS Republic Gunship to $279.99 shipped. Today’s offer would be a notable discount even if the set sold for its original MSRP, but since last fall saw a permanent price increase to $400, you’re looking at an even better value. Dropping by $120, this is the best price ever. It’s an extra $45 under the fall Prime Day deals from earlier in the week, too. 

Arriving as the first UCS set from the Clone Wars or Prequels in over a decade, the Republic Gunship stacks up to 3,292 pieces and delivers the largest version of the LAAT to date. Leveraging all of those bricks, the final build spans over 29 inches wide and 27 inches long, making it a commanding display piece in your LEGO collection. Our hands-on review from back in 2021 details just exactly what today’s LEGO Republic Gunship discount gets you.

There’s also plenty of other LEGO Star Wars sets on sale in addition to the LEGO UCS Razor Crest, including some rare chances to save on 2023 creations:

 Plus 2022 kits, too

LEGO’s BTS set sees first discount

Also on sale today, the LEGO Ideas BTS Dynamite is getting in on the Prime Big Deal Days action. It now sells for $68.99 and is seeing one of the very first chances to save since its launch earlier in the year. This set normally sells for $100 and is now 31% off in order to land at a new all-time low. Dive into our launch coverage for a full breakdown of how this 749-piece set stacks up.

Last year, the LEGO Group launched one of its most unique sets to date in collaboration with Sony. The LEGO Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck quickly became a favorite amongst builders before being deemed the best set of 2022 at the end of last year, and now you can finally score a chance to save. Courtesy of Amazon, the video game-inspired set is now marked down to $75.99 shipped. It’s down from $90 and making one of the best kits on store shelves right now an even better buy.

Assembling one of the more iconic elements from the Horizon series, the brick-built Tallneck stacks up to 1,222 pieces. It primarily builds the giraffe-like mechanical beast who stands over 13 inches tall, but also a little display base that makes this the perfect build for collectors. Throw in a minifigure-scale Watcher as well as an exclusive version of a brick-built Aloy figure and it should be a bit more clear on why we ranked this kit so highly in our top kits of 2022 post.

LEGO Flowers

LEGO Speed Champions deals:

Another massive creations is headlining the Prime Big Deals Day sale, with Walmart offering the new LEGO Batman Batmobile Tumbler for $180. Down from $270, like you’ll currently pay at Amazon right now, the savings take $90 off. This is the first offer of the year and a new all-time low at $20 under our previous mention.

Stacking up to 2,049 pieces, the set arrives as the largest recreation of the iconic Tumbler to date. Those bricks have been put to good use in order to stack up to over 17 inches long with plenty of detailed paneling and other display-worthy inclusions. The entire build rests on a rotating display base and is complemented by a pair of exclusive Batman and Joker minifigures. Dive into our launch coverage.

More details on the LEGO Republic Gunship discount:

Voted for by fans to become a LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series set, this mind-blowing, big LEGO set has a display stand with an information plaque and 2 LEGO minifigures: Clone Trooper Commander with a blaster and Mace Windu with a Star Wars lightsaber. Step-by-step instructions are included, so you can immerse yourself in the building challenge and enjoy the fun, creative process.

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