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If you look at the visually stunning superhero universes created by Marvel and DC, one cannot help but feel overwhelmed. After all, navigating the multiple universes, and alternate realities, and keeping up with the larger narratives and the spin-offs they have spawned can be exhausting. However, viewers of the superhero genre are adept at keeping up with all the challenges that come with being a superhero fan. With the second season of Marvel’s web series, Loki, bringing back the God of Mischief, here are seven other superhero shows to revel in. 

7 superhero shows to watch on Netflix, MX Player & more after the second season of ‘Loki’

1. Black Lightning – Netflix

black lightning

Based on the eponymous DC Comics character, the superhero movie chronicles the chaotic life of Jefferson Pierce, aka, Black Lightning. He is a principal of a high school and a superhero with the ability to manipulate and harness electricity. He left his vigilante life over nine years ago. However, he is forced to come out of his self-imposed retirement when his town, Freeland, is plagued by increasing criminal activity and the menace caused by a deadly new drug called Green Light. As the narrative progresses, one of the most feared gangs, The 100, and its leader Tobias Whale return to Freeland. Meanwhile, his daughters – Anissa and Jennifer – too develop superhuman powers and join their father in fighting the evil forces. Jefferson is continuously torn between his duty towards the community and family, for whom he had stopped being Black Lightning.  

2. Alphas – MX Player


Spanning three seasons, the series is set in a dystopian, futuristic world where a small section of the population is blessed with extraordinary abilities. The series follows a team of such blessed individuals, called the Alphas, who are brought together by the powerful government agency, the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division (S.H.I.E.L.D.). While fighting unruly anomalies, the Alphas cross paths with other rogue Alphas, misusing their powers. The plot intensifies when the group meets Red Flag, which is using other Alphas to commit heinous crimes. 

3. Moon Knight – Disney+Hotstar

Moon Knight

The television mini-series, part of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fourth phase, is unique in its approach and received critical acclaim for its plot, which veers away from the regular superhero troupe. The series follows the alter egos of Marc Spector, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. Living inside Spector is a mercenary called Moon Knight, who becomes the conduit for the Egyptian god Khonshu. Then there’s the mild-mannered Steven Grant, transforming into Mr Knight, and the more ruthless and violent alter, Jake Lockley. The plot follows Marc, who gets tangled in the mythical world of Egyptian Gods while struggling to live with his three alters, making appearances based on the situation their host body is in. The series is shrouded in mystery and suspense as till the end we keep wondering if Spector has a mental health problem or are all his superhero alter egos real. The action-packed mini-series deserves a watch if you are a Marvel fan.

4. The Boys – Amazon Prime Video

The Boys

Like Moon Knight, this fantasy thriller subverts the superhero troupe and throws light on how extreme power can corrupt even the best of us. The narrative is set in a world where superheroes exist, living openly among the common people. However, these superheroes, outside of their heroic personas, have become corrupt. Helping them cover up their misdeeds is the conglomerate Vought International. When things go out of hand, a motley group of individuals driven by personal motives and vendetta against the corrupt superheroes, join hands. Calling themselves The Boys, the group takes on the vigilante role to bring down the corrupt superheroes, which also includes the group The Seven, and Vought International.  

5. Power Rangers Dino Fury – Netflix

Power Rangers Dino Fury

This particular series is technically the 28th and 29th season of the longest-running children’s superhero show titled Power Rangers. The plot follows a group of young heroes chosen to become the Dino Fury Power Rangers. They are tasked with the job of protecting the world from an ancient and powerful evil. The Rangers harness the power of ancient dinosaur spirits to battle a powerful alien army, unleashing mayhem on Earth and threatening to wipe out humanity. The edge-of-your-seat thriller takes you on an exciting journey while the Power Rangers strive to strike a balance between their personal lives with their responsibilities as defenders of the world. 

6. Legends of Tomorrow – Amazon Prime Video

Legends of Tomorrow

The series is a part of DC’s Arrowerse universe which comprises shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl. Legends of Tomorrow tells the tale of a team of misfit heroes and anti-heroes (somewhat on the lines of Marvel’s Suicide Squad, except that in this movie, all were villains). The team travels through time to prevent temporal aberrations and protect the timeline from catastrophic changes. The series emphasises the various challenges the Legends face while encountering historical figures, rogue time travellers, and powerful entities. The perfect blend of action and humour ensures that there’s never a dull moment.

7. Luke Cage – Disney+Hotstar

Luke Cage

The series is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and offers continuity between the different films. Under the spotlight in this series is Luke Cage, who is blessed with superhuman strength and near-invulnerable skin due to a failed experiment. Luke is the accidental and reluctant hero, preferring a quiet life in Harlem, New York while working as a janitor. His peaceful life crumbles when a villain raises its head, forcing him to use his powers. He is hailed as a hero for saving the city and soon takes on the mettle of a superhero to battle the surging crime and corruption. 

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