Netflix Stores Could Send You to Upside-Down or a ‘Squid Ga…


Netflix plans to open retail destinations where fans of the company’s most popular streaming series can buy merchandise, dine on themed food and even partake in unique experiences, like a Squid Game obstacle course or a visit to the Upside-Down, Bloomberg reported.

The company has already opened countless pop-up fan experiences around the world over the past few years, including stores in Los Angeles and promotions for popular streaming series at public events like San Diego Comic-Con.

Slated to open sometime in 2025, the new venues will fall under the name “Netflix House” and will be the company’s first permanent locations, starting with two in the United States followed by more locations around the world. Details on where exactly the first two venues will be located have not been revealed yet.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix House will focus more on being a promotional and marketing tool for the company’s streaming content than a significant source of revenue. “Rotating installations,” a mix of both casual and high-end food offerings and even “ticketed shows” will encourage fans to return to the venues frequently.

The news follows a report from the Wall Street Journal earlier this month that Netflix is planning yet another price increase for its $15.49/month Standard HD and $19.99/month Premium 4K ad-free tiers (starting with the United States and Canada). Netflix’s marketing efforts have also been criticized in the past, but taking a page from companies like Disney and catering directly to fans could be a step in the right direction.

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