Netflix’s uber-successful film ‘Fair Play’: Cast, plot, glo…


Netflix’s uber-successful film ‘Fair Play’: Cast, plot, global reviews

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‘Fair Play’ is streaming on Netflix

The thriller Fair Play arrived on Netflix on Friday (October 6) and has already become a sensation.

The film follows a couple whose relationship turns sour when their common employer promotes the woman, and the man becomes her analyst, hitting his ego.

Directed and written by debutant Chloe Domont, it previously premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

This is what happens in ‘Fair Play’

IMDb describes the plot as follows, “An unexpected promotion at a cutthroat hedge fund pushes a young couple’s relationship to the brink, threatening to unravel far more than their recent engagement.”

The film stars Phoebe Dynevor as Emily Meyers and Alden Ehrenreich as Luke Edmunds, who work together for One Crest Capital, a New York-based hedge fund where competition is perpetually fierce and intense.

It holds an 87% score on Rotten Tomatoes!

While sharing their reviews on social media, several viewers have described the film as “a masterclass in female ambition and tension onscreen” and lauded it for picking up a relatively under-utilized topic.

It currently holds an 87% score on the movie rating site Rotten Tomatoes and is reportedly the best-reviewed English-language thriller on Netflix this year, ahead of Heart of Stone and Extraction 2.

Critics praised film’s ambition and execution

Critics worldwide have also been lauding Fair Play‘s screenplay and performances.

The Establishing Shot said, “[Domont] keeps the tensions high, the business details vivid, and the arcs of the characters compelling and quite believable.”

Decider opined, “[Domont] wants to paint a portrait of individuals trapped in a world corrupted by men pursuing, yes, sex and money and power, all the ‘benefits’ of amoral capitalism.”

This is what Domont has to say about ‘Fair Play’

Domont told Harper’s Bazaar, “I wasn’t interested in making something that was black and white; I very much wanted to lean into the grays as much as possible.”

“More than this being…about female empowerment, this is really a film about male fragility… What I really wanted to show in the script and through Alden’s performance is the struggle—and there’s pain there,” she added.

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