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When one of Britain’s most beloved TV presenters, Jill Dando, was killed by a single gunshot to the head (thought to have been fired by a lone gunman) outside her home in April 1999, the mystery that unfurled sent shockwaves across the country.

In 2001, the police followed a theory that the culprit was an obsessed fan and subsequently arrested Barry George, who lived near Dando’s west London home. George was convicted in 2001 and jailed, before being acquitted seven years later.

Now, for the first time, Netflix is bringing Dando’s life – and death – to our screens in a new true crime three-part series, Who Killed Jill Dando?.

Who Killed Jill Dando? revisits Dando’s life and career by blending archival footage with new interviews to paint a full picture of the journalist, but her death remains an unsolved mystery. London’s homicide squad reportedly interviewed more than 2,500 people, took more than 1,000 statements and traced more than 1,200 cars.

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In 2012, the Serbian ‘warlord’ Arkan was named as a suspect in the case, although he died in 2000. And in 2014, a former colleague of Dando’s came forward and admitted that the former journalist was trying to expose a paedophile ring just months before her death, but the investigation into the 37-year-old’s murder remains open to this day.

Who Killed Jill Dando? will be available to stream on Netflix on 26 September, 2023.

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