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A big part of the Call of Duty model is the content packs. With Operator skins, weapon blueprints, and more, these content packs dominate the CoD player base. After all, they remain one of the few ways of making a profit off a free game like Warzone 2.

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The only issue for players with these content packs is the prices. Buying content packs might not be a feasible choice. However, that’s not necessarily cause for worry. Call of Duty has you covered with an incredible free content pack you can redeem in a few minutes!

Here is how to get to free Prime Gaming Pack in Call of Duty


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The World Series of Warzone Solo Yolo Prime Gaming pack is available for free in Call of Duty. The pack has content for Warzone 2 as well as Modern Warfare II, making it a great addition to players’ inventory.

Redeeming it is pretty simple. First, head to the Prime Gaming offer page, where players should be greeted with an image of the pack. Right here, click on the ‘Get in-game content’ option. Now, this does need an Amazon Prime account. Once players activate Prime Gaming, it is all about linking the account.

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Now, the only thing left to do is link the Prime account to one’s Call of Duty account. Once players sign into their Call of Duty account, they will have the content pack. The next time they launch the game, the bundle will be added to their account.

What does the bundle include?


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Once people heard it was a free bundle, they felt slightly disappointed. Their expectation was that with a free bundle, Call of Duty would most likely not include great content for players. However, CoD seems to have proven these fans wrong.

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The Prime Gaming Solo Yolo bundle includes a whole assortment of things to use in the game. Most prominently, it includes two weapon blueprints. The first is an assault rifle, the Chimera. Getting the blueprint allows players to jump past extracting the gun from DMZ in order to use it. The other weapon is the Victus XMR, which is a decent sniper rifle. This could be the start of a loadout that players can use in-game!


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Apart from this, the content pack includes three calling cards, of which two are animated. To round things off, Call of Duty generously included two XP tokens. One is a double XP token while the other is a double weapon XP token. It seems like a good deal for a free content pack!

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