Fans Are Watching Netflix’s New Crime Series Dear Child, An…


Every once in a while, Netflix subscription holders stumble upon a hidden gem and help catapult it to an unexpected popularity. This seems to be the case for Dear Child, which has been steadily in the Netflix Top 10 all week and stands at No. 3, as of this writing. The German crime series has captured the attention of audiences everywhere and despite the dark subject matter, it seems like everyone is hooked. Essentially, viewers seem to be sharing the same sentiments about it.

Based on a novel by Romy Hausmann, Dear Child is about a woman who escapes captivity after 13 years, and her harrowing journey helps investigators discover the truth of her mysterious disappearance. The show is suspenseful, focuses on character dynamics and seems to have all the elements of tension that crime fans love. One viewer on X (formally Twitter) compared the series to other well-produced crime favorites, conveying the appeal the show has. They said:

Guys, Watched #DearChild on Netflix last night—by far, one of the best binges I’ve had in years. True crime, psychological thriller, murder mystery all rolled up into 1 6-part miniseries. Very Josef Fritzl meets Room meets Gone Girl. Highly recommended it. Lmk what you think.

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