Some youths drawn to S’pore F1 thanks to Netflix series, dr…

The Singapore GP spokesperson said that in the lead up to the night race here, it has also organised several programmes to engage the local community and to “spread F1 mania to the heartlands”

These included the #SingaporeGP Truck with its F1 simulators and games, live screenings of selected F1 races, pop-up events, and school talks held on The Beginner’s Guide to Formula 1 in partnership with online platform Sgcarmart.

“Every edition of the night race also features an entertainment line-up that a wide range of fans can look forward to,” the spokesman said.

That has drawn some youths who are not necessarily fans of the race to also buy tickets for the event. 

At the Padang on Friday night, eager concert goers screamed for the Asian acts under music recording firm 88rising, such as K-pop idols Jackson Wang and Bibi, singer NIKI and rapper Rich Brian.

Dressed to the nines were 21-year-old graphic designer Wynne Teh and 24-year-old social media executive Juliet Suen. 

The sounds of the F1 cars racing by were just background noise for the concert junkies as they watched K-pop girl group XG dance and sing their hearts out.

“Their performance was so good, and I didn’t know about the Japanese girl group but they were such a vibe,” said Ms Suen, referring to Atarashii Gakko! Leaders. 

Still, for some youths, the Singapore Grand Prix is not their cup of tea.

Ms Joanne Ng, 26 told TODAY that she is simply not interested in watching cars race and has never attended any F1 event here but added that the concert performances may make her more inclined to go in future. 

“I think if the concert line up has artists that I like or music styles I care for then it might be worth the ticket price. Otherwise, I’m not paying that price to watch cars race,” the health professional said. 

Prices for the race weekend can go up to a whopping S$1,988, which includes grandstand seats for all three days as well as food and beverages. 

Similarly, 26-year-old April Liew who enjoys art and generally does not follow sports, said that she has “no personal investment” in F1 since all of the drivers are from overseas. 

However, she said that she might get interested in the sport if there ever came a day when a local driver competes on the grid. 

Ms Liew added that she knows the event more for the singers and celebrities who perform at the concerts. 

“The concert might pique my interest but my impression is that those are outdoors, so I’ve never really been inclined to go. Maybe if one day a singer I really like comes, then I’ll go,” she said, adding that her favourite singers include Singaporean star J J Lin and Taiwanese band Mayday. 


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