Adventures in Outer Space and more

Amazon Prime Gaming: Amazon has announced its latest Prime Gaming content update for September, offering Prime members a selection of free titles. This month’s offerings include Football Manager 2023, Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy, Dexter Stardust: Adventures in Outer Space, Unsolved Case: Murderous Script Collector’s Edition, and more. In addition to the complimentary games, Amazon has released additional content for some of their titles; these are listed below.

 Fall Guys: Ultimate Finale Fall Men

In the current season of Fall Guys, players can design their own tumultuous courses in the Blunderdome, creating a unique gaming experience. Amazon Prime members can claim the following in-game items beginning on September 6

Battlefield Call of Duty: Warzone

Until September 16th, Call of Duty is presently hosting the World Series of Warzone event. The World Series of Warzone designated driver Bundle for Call of Duty: Warzone is available until September 21st for fans of the game. This bundle includes the following enticing items:

Prime Gaming has a lineup of free games available throughout the month of September, with the first game available on September 7th. Users desiring access to these free games must visit every Thursday to claim their Free Games with a Prime membership. Prime Gaming will add more free content and other freebies for games such as Naraka: Bladepoint, Robolox, PUBG, and others throughout September.

Soccer Manager 2023 (Epic Games Store)

This football simulation game allows you to build your ideal team, outsmart opponents, and compete in the UEFA Champions League. It can be claimed to begin September 7 with Prime.

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Simulator of the Bronze Age Empire of Ozymandias (GOG)

In this collaborative simulation game, players ascend to power by expanding their empire’s borders, building cities, and raising armies. You can claim it on Prime beginning September 14.

Absolute Tactics: Mercy’s Descendants (Amazon Games App)

This game enables players to strategize for epic conflicts, solve intriguing puzzles, and embark on thrilling quests. In this RPG, they must utilize various abilities to overcome Father Eldritch’s oppressive legions. You can claim it on Prime beginning September 14.

Dexter’s Universe: Adventures in Space (Amazon Games App)

Assuming the role of the taco-loving protagonist Dexter Stardust, players will embark on an adventure in which they will battle an enigmatic robot from Planet X and attempt to save Earth. You can claim it on Prime beginning September 21.

The Shotgun King’s Fatal Checkmate (Amazon Games App)

In this innovative roguelike strategy game based on timeless classic chess, players have the option to replace the entire army with a monarch carrying a shotgun. You can claim it on Prime beginning September 21.

Collector’s Edition of Unsolved Case: Murder Script (Legacy Games Code)

Players will step into the sandals of a detective in this thrilling hidden object title, where they’ll unravel secrets to solve a variety of cases. Players will have the opportunity to make decisions, obtain additional achievements, and acquire bonus collectibles with the Collector’s Edition. You can claim it on Prime beginning September 28.

One Hundred Days – Simulation of Winemaking (Amazon Games App)

You can cultivate your own winery in this game by making significant and strategic decisions. These choices include choosing which vineyards to cultivate, determining the optimal harvest times, and choosing which wines to market. You can claim it on Prime beginning September 28.

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