Amazon Optimistic for More Spinoffs After Gen V

Fans could be looking at several more years to come with The Boys on Prime Video, as additional spinoffs beyond Gen V are desired at Amazon.

This month, Prime Video will debut Gen V, the first live-action spinoff for the hit superhero series The Boys. It follows The Boys Presents… Diabolical, which was an animated anthology series with a variety of standalone stories. At this time, there’s no telling if any more spinoffs will be made to further expand the franchise, but Amazon and MGM Studios’ head of television, Vernon Sanders, was teasing the possibility in a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly.

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On potential spinoffs, Sanders confirmed that there has been an “ongoing conversation” about the franchise’s potential future. It appears that there is a lot of interest on Amazon’s side about doing more with the franchise in the years to come, so it would be more dependent on if showrunner Eric Kripke wants to continue the story. In any case, it’s too early to say right now, as the major focus behind the scenes lies with Gen V and the upcoming fourth season of The Boys.

“I will say this: Eric has had a vision for what this all leads to for years now, and we’ve been in an ongoing conversation about what comes next,” Sanders is quoted as saying. “So, it’s probably premature to talk about that beyond saying we believe in Eric, and if Eric is interested in continuing the story, we’ll be the first ones in line to really work with him on what that is. But right now we’re super focused on Gen V and an amazing season 4 of The Boys, which I think is going to blow fans away.”

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Gen V’s Success Will Be a Major Factor

Sanders also said how executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, along with Kripke, all seem to be “interested” in further fleshing out the franchise in the future. Even so, he also says everyone involved is hesitant to churn out more content, so as not to “over-expose” The Boys. Because they’re being careful, Sanders suggests that the fan response to Gen V will help them determine if moving forward with more spinoffs would be the way to go.

“I think Seth and Evan and Eric are genuinely interested in it,” Sanders explained. “I think we’ve been probably the ones who’ve been wanting to be careful not to over-expose. So, once we committed to Gen V, we really wanted that to be the next thing out. And once we have it out and get a chance to see how everyone’s reacting to it, we can start talking about, like I said, what comes next.”

The Boys doesn’t yet have a premiere date for its upcoming fourth season, but fans can check out the premiere of Gen V when it debuts on Sept. 29, 2023, on Prime Video.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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