3 sci-fi movies on Prime Video to watch in September

Who doesn’t love a good sci-fi flick? They are usually mind-bending, intriguing, and exciting. They’re the types of movies you can talk about after watching, sharing theories and discussing the amazing special effects, cast, and clever storylines. Sometimes, sci-fi movies have a humorous edge and other times they dive deep into tech. With AI at the forefront of many sci-fi movies and shows nowadays, there’s a bit of art imitating life as well.

Amazon Prime Video has tons of great sci-fi movies. If you’re looking for a good sci-fi movie to watch this September, check out these three diverse options on Prime Video, each with its own unique spin on the genre.

Interface (2022)

INTERFACE – Official Trailer

Imagine if you could bring someone back to life by transferring their consciousness to someone else’s body. This idea has been explored in many movies and TV shows, like the Netflix original series Altered Carbon. In Interface, it’s a near-future world where such a technology exists. A person’s mind and memories can be transferred to another, therefore effectively keeping them alive after death.

After two sisters lose their father and their mother ends up in a coma, they discover plans for a machine that can accomplish this, and travel through the multiverse trying to find it. The goal? To bring their mother back before she leaves them for good.

Stream Interface on Prime Video.

A Million Miles Away (2023)

A Million Miles Away – Official Trailer | Prime Video

A new movie this month, A Million Miles Away is based on a true story. It stars Michael Pena as real-life NASA flight engineer Jose Hernandez, who went from humble beginnings in a small village in Mexico to flying more than 200 miles above Earth in the International Space Station.

A story about the drive and determination of one man and the overwhelming support of his family and teachers, the movie is as much an entertaining sci-fi film as it is a tribute and love letter to Hernandez, who is arguably the personification of the American Dream. The story is based on Hernandez’s book Reaching for the Stars: The Inspiring Story of a Migrant Farmworker Turned Astronaut.

Stream A Million Miles Away on Prime Video.

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (2020)


A clever Japanese sci-fi comedy, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes offers a humorous twist for those who don’t want anything intense and emotional. The story centers around Kato (Kazunari Tosa), a café owner who discovers something special about his computer monitor: it shows what is going to happen two minutes into the future. His café’s TV, on the other hand, shows what happened two minutes prior. The two are apparently linked with a two-minute delay. Naturally, Kato has a genius idea: place the monitor in front of the TV and create a Droste effect where a picture appears within itself, displaying an infinite two-minute cycle. He’s effectively time traveling in the most unique, hilarious, and arguably pointless, way.

Because of the timing of this movie’s release during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it didn’t get a fair shot in theaters. But for those who watched it, they praised Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes for its “infectious energy” and “low-budget spirit.” Bottom line: This sci-fi flick should be on your watch list when you want something high-tech, yet light and fun at the same time.

Stream Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes on Prime Video.

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