Apple Watch Series 8 Spotted Selling at a 22% Discount on A…

The Apple Watch Series 8 comes with many benefits and high-tech health measuring trackers but one problem a lot of potential buyers experience is that it’s priced too high. With that, the Apple Watch Series 8 was spotted selling at a massive discount on Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 8 was Spotted Selling on Amazon at a Significant Discount Dropping Its Price to Just $310

According to the story by Engadget, the Apple Watch Series 8 was spotted selling at a significant discount on Amazon, dropping its original listing from its original price of $399 down to just $310 with the discount.

The product was listed at a 22% discount on Amazon, slashing its price by a total of $89 for the Midnight as well as Starlight options. The Apple Watch Series 8 is a 41mm smartwatch, making it very noticeable on one’s wrist but not too big for it to be too bulky or complicated for users.

The Red Edition was Sold at a Lower Price on Prime Day

The article highlighted that despite the huge discount, this isn’t the lowest price for the smartwatch as the Red edition dropped to just $280 on Prime Day. However, it’s selling at the same price as the Midnight and Starlight options.

It was noted that the Apple Watch Series 8 was regarded as the best smartwatch when it was released. It was previously praised due to its different abilities when it comes to health and fitness tracking.

The Device Comes with Many Health and Fitness Capabilities

Users can reportedly track their body temperature through the watch itself, allowing it to be a great way for users to get alerts when they’re feeling a bit off. Aside from that, this information can also be used to help users track when they’ve ovulated.

The watch also comes with capabilities to measure other things like one’s blood oxygen as well as the ability to tell whether or not they had good sleep. Aside from that, the smartwatch also comes with ECG capabilities.

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The Apple Watch Series 8 Workout App can Assist Users When Exercising

Aside from that, the device comes with its own Workout app, which means that users will also be able to use the smartwatch to assist them in their training. Users will also be able to use the device to learn about new ways for them to exercise.

When the smartwatch is linked to the user’s phone, they will also be able to use it to text, call, or even listen to music without needing to take out their phone. Just like other Apple Watches, users will be able to use the device to unlock their Mac or other capabilities.

Users will also be able to pay with Apple Pay and use the Apple Find My Device feature to look for a lost device. The article by Engadget notes that the company is selling the Series 8 smartwatch at a discount ahead of the announcement of the iPhone 15, which will happen on September 12.

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