Netflix’s One Piece Vs The Anime – A Visual Comparison

Netflix’s One Piece has arrived, where we can now see Luffy and the Strawhats take on the East Blue saga! But how close does the show compare to the anime?

To help answer this question, we’ve gathered images from the live-action and put them next to stills from the original anime to see how faithful the adaptation is. Check out the slideshow, or watch the video above to see the scenes from both the anime and the series.

In our review of the series, we said that “Netflix’s One Piece strives to recreate the magic of its source material in live-action, but this requires jettisoning some pieces of the plot. This creates an interesting variation on the long-running manga and anime that works in parts, and the Netflix series is at its best when it charts its own path in response to the changes made by showrunner Matt Owens and the writing staff.”

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