Where was Yohanes Kidane last seen? Beau Mann’s fiance says…

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: The fiance of Beau Mann, who was discovered dead in April after going missing in November 2021, has spoken up on the mysterious case of Yohanes Kidane.


Just like the late tech CEO, Netflix employee Kidane’s whereabouts have been unknown after he took an Uber. He has not been seen since the evening of August 14, The Sun reported.

What happened to Yohanes Kidane?

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The 22-year-old computer science graduate from Cornell University reportedly boarded a black Toyota Camry via Uber’s service from his house in San Jose at around 7:15 in the evening.


The San Jose Police Media Relations tweeted, “Detectives have learned that Mr. Kidane utilized a rideshare service and was driven from San Jose to San Francisco. Mr. Kidane was last seen in San Francisco.”



Also, a GoFundMe for the missing young man mentions, “On the morning of Tuesday, August 15, his personal belongings were discovered near the visitor center south of the Golden Gate Bridge.”

However, there is still no update on him.

Beau Mann’s fiance claims ‘there’s hope’ in Yohanes Kidane’s case 

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Jason Abate, the fiance of Mann, told the publication, “The moment I saw the headline, it reopened a lot of bad memories.”

He continued, “There’s hope that we can find him, but the reason why it opened up bad memories is because no one tells you what to do.”

The 39-year-old now-deceased founder of the Sober Grid app reportedly disappeared after taking an Uber from his Los Angeles office to Santa Monica, California.


For more than a year, nobody knew what happened to Mann. But in April of this year, a homeless man reportedly found his remains, and in May, the Santa Monica Police Department confirmed that the body was indeed of Mann.

Before Mann’s body was located, Abate reportedly worked with a Facebook group and TikTok posts to find his partner and according to him, people’s help is really vital in a missing person’s case.


He wants Kidane’s family to form a group as well. “Building that network is probably the most important thing I believe we did in Beau’s case. When I realized the power of working with other people, that’s when all sorts of miracles started to happen for us,” Abate asserted.

Jason Abate also believes in working alongside cops

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Abate suggested Kidane’s family should check ring cameras and CCTV footage to get any clue as he went on to share his grief.

He said, “It’s bringing tears to my eyes even thinking about the thoughts I had to endure. You just naturally go down some pretty dark paths, and so what’s helpful is having people help you with some of the work.”


Abate also extended his support to the family of Kidane. He expressed, “There will be days when you lose hope and there will be days where you’re convinced that your loved one is alive.”

“But you have to have more of those days where you’re convinced they’re alive because that’s what gives you the strength to do the work that you need to do to find them,” Abate added.

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