Deion Sanders Finalizes Amazon Series With Unique Deal

Colorado Football coach Deion Sanders

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University of Colorado head coach Deion Sanders has yet to coach the Buffaloes in a single game but details of his new Amazon documentary deal reveals he runs the show in Boulder right now.

Deion Sandersf and his agent finalized a deal with Amazon for a behind-the-scenes documentary series, Coach Prime, that he was previously doing while coaching at Jackson State. But unlike Amazon or Netflix series similar to this one, the University of Colorado isn’t receiving any compensation and Deion Sanders is cashing all the checks.

According to a report from Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today, Deion Sanders and his agent finalized the deal to extend his Amazon series this month. This was the end of a saga that began on the day Coach Sanders was announced at Colorado’s new coach, saying “I want you to get ready to start seeing cameras because we film documentaries” back on December 4th.

Why Deion Sanders’ Amazon Series Contract Is Unique

When Coach Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines entered into a contract with Amazon back in 2017, the school received $2.25 million. In this instance, the University of Colorado isn’t receiving any compensation.

Not only that, but Deion Sanders is basically turning the athletic department into a production studio according to USA Today. Schrotenboer writes “The deal turns the athletic department into a part-time film production business on the side and says the producer, SMAC Productions, shall participate in weekly meetings about the project with the Colorado athletic director or his designees. In addition to these meetings, the producer is to “meaningfully consult” with CU staff about content of each episode of the series.”

Going further, Deion’s SMAC Entertainment manages Shedeur Sanders, Shilo Sanders, Travis Hunter, and Deion’s day-to-day manager is a SMAC Entertainment employee. All of whom stand to benefit from SMAC Entertainment’s Amazon documentary series on campus.

As for why Colorado isn’t getting paid, university spokesman Steve Hurlbert says “The exposure of hiring Coach Prime has already paid dividends in the form of record-breaking ticket and merchandise sales, and we are confident the documentary will only increase these ‘Prime Effect’ impacts throughout the university.”

A representative for SMAC Entertainment told USA Today “This documentary gives an unprecedented look at one of the highest-profile college coaching jobs in America. The access and participation from the school and the students will showcase real-time moments of turning a football program around while bringing global exposure to the University of Colorado.”

The message there is clear. Deion Sanders is making the school so much money that he (his agency) can keep the Amazon checks.

Interestingly, Amazon actually renewed Coach Prime for a season 2 back on April 26th. So this deal was renewed long before the final contracts were ever signed and approval was granted by the University of Colorado.

Looking back at the Season 1 trailer for Coach Prime, it is wild to see how much has changed for him:

It is worth noting that while all of this is going on, Deion Sanders quietly left Barstool Sports to branch out on his own like Pat McAfee had in the past. Deion is not returning to the Pro Football Show and the reason given was ‘too busy coaching’ which is a perfectly reasonable explanation.

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