Suits’ Success On Netflix Has Been Great For Fans, But Thos…

Suits originally ran on USA Network from 2011 to 2019, and while it was certainly one of the channel’s more well-known shows and had a dedicated fanbase, it’s not like it was a worldwide phenomenon. However, Suits has surged in popularity over the last several months thanks to the first eight seasons being delivered to Netflix subscribers, and this follows all nine seasons already being available to stream with a Peacock subscription or Amazon Prime Video subscription. While this is great for fans, not everyone involved with the legal drama have been so happy with this development.

For one thing, writers Nora and Lilla Zuckerman recently talked about how their residual checks for when Suits was running on USA were significantly higher than what they’ve received from the show being streamed so much on Netflix, specifically for their Season 5 episode “Blowback.” Now their fellow writer Ethan Drogin has chimed in with his own experience, sharing in The Los Angeles Times that he’s only received $259.71 from Suits’ Netflix success, and that’s all from one episode, Season 1’s “Identity Crisis.” Drogin wrote that while it’s gratifying that the show has “found a new and bigger audience” this summer, earning a minuscule amount like this for something that’s been so popular exemplifies why he and Hollywood’s other writers, as well as the actors, are currently on strike. As Drogin noted, even a 100% increase of $259.71 “doesn’t come close to paying most people’s rent.” 

D.B. Woodside in Suits

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Then there’s D.B. Woodside, who’s known for playing Amenadiel on Lucifer, Wayne Palmer on 24, Robin Wood on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Erik Monks on The Night Agent (who frankly didn’t deserve to be killed off). Woodside appeared throughout Suits Season 4 through 7 as Jeff Malone, an SEC prosecutor who spent some time at Pearson Specter as a senior partner and began a romantic relationship with Gina Torres’ Jessica Pearson. In the wake of Suits taking Netflix by storm, Woodside tweeted out that his time on there, Lucifer and The Night Agent, with those latter two specially being housed at Netflix (though the latter was originally a Fox series), is enough to prove that he deserves the opportunity to lead his own series. 

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