Shelved by Netflix for Patrick Mahomes Reasons, Top Rookies…

This year, NFL stars are stepping onto the television stage. Just last month, Patrick Mahomes, along with Marcus Mariota and Kirk Cousins, garnered attention as they featured in Season 1 of Netflix’s ‘Quarterback.’ Earlier this week, HBO premiered the first episode of ‘Hard Knocks,’ featuring Aaron Rodgers. Following in line are two highly anticipated rookies, who were initially set to make their debut on the internet three years ago.

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However, due to reasons linked to Patrick Mahomes, their debut was postponed until this year. While Mahomes’ ‘Quarterback” gained positive attention after its release on July 12, the reception for A-Rod’s ‘Hard Knocks’ has been mixed. Now with the recent release of “QB1: Beyond the Lights” on Tubi, all eyes are now on the two top rookies, who are marking their return to television after a three-year hiatus.

Mahomes the reason behind unaired season?


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Three years back, Bryce Young and Anthony Richardson took the spotlight in Netflix’s sports docuseries, “QB1: Beyond the Lights.” It followed their final high school year before heading to colleges, in Alabama and Florida, respectively. Their journey continued with drafts as the No. 1 pick by the Carolina Panthers and No. 4 by the Indianapolis Colts this April.

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Initially set for a spring 2020 release, the season remained unreleased due to Netflix’s decision, probably influenced by Patrick Mahomes’ then-upcoming “Quarterback” series and the loss of streaming rights in August 2022. “QB1” ownership rests with Complex and BuzzFeed Studios, who kept the unaired season shelved while seeking a new platform. However, Tubi, a free TV streaming service, has now secured the fourth season’s rights.

Patrick Mahomes’ Netflix Docuseries ‘Quarterback’ Gets 8.4 Star Rating From
Users of $26,000,000 Giant

All 10 episodes premiered on August 10, putting these fresh episodes in competition with Aaron Rodgers’ “Hard Knocks.”

Rodgers’ love from the Jets


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Since Aaron Rodgers unexpectedly took charge of the New York Jets offense, the city’s newest member has ushered in a wave of novelty. Notably, he received a dazzling Jets-themed pendant from Sauce Gardner, quickly endearing himself to the Green Gang team. Now, he’s embarking on another first: his debut on HBO’s reality series, “Hard Knocks.”

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In a training camp press conference, Aaron Rodgers, the star quarterback, revealed his participation in the upcoming “Hard Knocks” season, offering NFL fans an exclusive peek into the team’s behind-the-scenes preparations. While the program has garnered appreciation from both New York Jets and Rodgers’ fans, it hasn’t escaped criticism. Detractors, including figures like Mad Dog Russo, have dismissed the program as purposeless.


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However, IMDb ratings reflect a favorable score of 8.4/10 for A-Rod’s ‘Hard Knocks,’ while Bryce Young’s ‘QB1’ documentary garnered a respectable 7.7/10. With both shows airing concurrently, it’s worth observing which one will rise to the top.

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