US first son, British prince go from enemies to lovers in P…

Have you ever hated someone before falling head over heels for them? I thought that was the only way, and it’s exactly what happens in a new Prime Video romantic comedy. “Red, White & Royal Blue” tells the story of an American first son and British prince hitting it off. After some shenanigans. And a lot of cake.

“Red, White & Royal Blue”…

Uma Thurman (as Ellen Claremont): “Don’t cause an international incident.”

Taylor Zakhar Perez (as Alex Claremont-Diaz): “How’s it going?”

…is royally romantic.

Nicholas Galitzine (as Prince Henry): “Do you ever wonder who you’d be if you were an anonymous person in the world?”

Taylor Zakhar Perez (as Alex Claremont-Diaz): “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Nicholas Galitzine (as Prince Henry): “Christ, you’re as thick as it gets.”

[Prince Henry moves in for a kiss.]

Aww … but also, a royal mess.

Taylor Zakhar Perez (as Alex Claremont-Diaz): “Henry shoved me!”

Uma Thurman (as Ellen Claremont): “An urge I currently share.”

The film adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s best-selling book novel…

Nicholas Galitzine: “There is very much an enemies-to-lovers book trope, which I know people love.”

This romantic comedy takes on that special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom, but in a more personal way.

Taylor Zakhar Perez: “It’s a very intimate movie, so we had to become close very fast and trust each other right away, and we did.”

When Alex Claremont-Diaz, the first son…

Taylor Zakhar Perez: “How did I prepare to play Alex? I watched a lot of ‘West Wing.’”

And young Prince Henry…

Nicholas Galitzine: “I find the notion of playing someone who is very trapped by circumstance and their upbringing to be very interesting.”

…fall in love. However, considering their high-profile lives, things aren’t so simple.

Nicholas Galitzine: “Loving someone is complicated, and being who you really are in Henry’s world is very complicated.”

Especially after this very public scuffle at a family wedding, when the two … yeah, cause quite the scene.

Taylor Zakhar Perez: “When Alex has to fly back and do damage control, that’s when their relationship starts, I would say.”

Nicholas Galitzine: “The more time they’re forced to spend with each other because of the cake incident, that is really the catalyst of the whole movie, just the more they realize that they are very good for each other.”

Taylor Zakhar Perez: “Alex realizes that Henry is not this monster that he’s thought he was this whole time.”

It’s not every day you can call Uma Thurman mother, either.

Taylor Zakhar Perez: “I was definitely intimidated when I found out who was playing my mom, just because I’m a huge fan. Obviously, like, who isn’t?”

Good question, Taylor. Which is why this next part is extra meaningful.

Nicholas Galitzine: “I feel like a lot of young people, marginalized people, will feel seen within this movie.”

Taylor Zakhar Perez: “When you see these families accept these young men as who they are, it’s a beautiful thing.”

“Red, White & Royal Blue” is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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