People are just realising there’s a hidden menu on their Am…

THERE is a secret menu hiding on your Amazon Fire Stick that’ll unlock four free perks when you access it.

It’s an essential string in your tech bow if your Fire Stick isn’t working as well as it used to.

The developer tool has four free perks every Fire Stick owner should know about


The developer tool has four free perks every Fire Stick owner should know aboutCredit: Amazon

The hidden menu is a developer tool tucked away on your Fire TV Stick.

Whether you have an old one or a new one, it’s there.

It’ll even be on Amazon’s Fire TV Cubes.

The menu will let you know what apps are weighing down your Fire Stick.

To access it, simply follow these steps:

You’ll need to turn on your TV as usual and open it up onto the Fire TV page, which will show all your Netflix, Prime Video, Freevee and YouTube apps.

Then you must click the centre button and the down directional button on your Fire remote.

These must be clicked at the same time and held for around two to three seconds, no longer.

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Next, immediately let go and tap the menu button – the three horizontal lines on the bottom right of the circle toggle.

If you don’t do this part quite right, just try again.

If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll see the TV scroll down quite fast.

You then need to click the menu button again, and lo, the developer tools menu will appear.

The menu that appears might look quite foreign, considering it is designed for technology developers and not the average Fire Stick owner.

But here’s a breakdown of free perks that you’ll see:

  • System X-Ray: Open this up on any buffering app, and it will tell you if your central processing unit (CPU) is overloaded.
    • If it’s in the red instead of green, you’ll need to free up some storage on your device.
    • This will stay on your screen until you turn it off again in the developer tools menu.
    • Amazon reveals more about this tool here.
  • Developer Options: This allows you to turn on a row called “Recommended By Your Apps” (displayed below the Netflix and HBO Go rows) where you can see recommendations sent from third-party apps.
  • Clear Credential Storage: This clears any credentials that have been set for apps on Fire TV.
    • This is helpful if you want to sell your Fire Stick and not give them access to all your app accounts.
  • Launch Network Adviser: This will show you your Wi-Fi network speeds, to make sure you’re getting the speeds your provider has promised.
    • If you’re network speeds are poor, consider moving your router closer to the TV.

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