Eiichiro Oda Makes Two Demands of Netflix’s One Piece TV Se…

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda demanded two things from Netflix’s upcoming live-action adaptation.

Showrunner Matt Owens claimed the beloved mangaka insisted on keeping a close eye on the show’s development. Owens revealed how Oda specifically wanted the live-action series to keep some narrative elements as close to the source material as possible, with Oda reportedly demanding the adaptation make no changes to the backstories of the Straw Hat Pirates. “Because they’re so pivotal to who they are as people, what their dreams and motivations are, and how Luffy digs into that as he meets them and helps them rediscover those dreams,” Owens said.

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One Piece‘s creator additionally requested they strictly adhere to the manga’s rules regarding each character’s unique power set. Owens continued, “Specific devil fruit powers and other skill sets were all carefully crafted by Oda and a lot of imagination went into what different people can do and what the rules are with that.” While it remains to be seen how accurately the series will follow the source material, Oda notably wrote an open letter to fans stating that there were “no compromises” throughout the adaptation’s development.

Will Netflix’s One Piece Stay Faithful?

While some elements from the manga will also likely translate into the live-action series without trouble, the adaptation might still feature several major changes to the manga’s storylines, such as the early arrival of Vice-Admiral Garp and a faster conclusion to Koby’s story. Owens claimed the adaptation’s creators specifically organized Season 1 into two-episode arcs, with each arc designed to introduce a new member of the Straw Hat Pirates to the show’s audience. “It’s not only an origin story of how this crew comes together,” the showrunner explained. “It’s an encapsulation of the idea of found family. A spirit of togetherness and adventure.”

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Based on the massively popular manga series of the same name, One Piece tells the tale of the Straw Hat Pirates as they embark on a high-seas journey to find the One Piece — a mythical hoard of treasure said to contain all the riches gathered by the former King of the Pirates, Gold Roger. Actor Iñaki Godoy, who portrays series protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, previously vouched for the show’s authenticity, with Godoy promising that the cast and crew intended to honor Oda’s work and the franchise’s long history.

One Piece premieres on Aug. 31 on Netflix.

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