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Netflix Unveils New Plans in India as Password-Sharing Crackdown Goes Global

In a move that has sent shockwaves through India’s streaming community, Netflix announced its implementation of a password-sharing crackdown. As subscribers anxiously checked their emails, the new policy threatened to limit account usage to within a single household. Netflix, recognizing the revenue loss associated with password sharing, has decided to introduce verification codes and track IP addresses to log out additional users watching content on the main account. This initiative, first introduced in the US, has proved successful for the company, attracting nearly 6 million new subscribers this quarter and bringing their total to an impressive 238.4 million subscriptions.

However, unlike other countries, Netflix’s plans in India have remained unchanged. The popular streaming service continues to offer no ad-supported feature and retains its Mobile plan, which was introduced back in 2019. With the successful launch of exclusive shows like “One Piece” and “Heartstopper” season 2 this month, it’s no wonder that more and more Indian viewers are tempted to join Netflix. To help potential subscribers navigate the streaming platform’s offerings, here’s a breakdown of the four plans available in India as of August 2023: Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Netflix Mobile Plan

Priced at Rs. 149 per month, the Mobile plan is designed for those who primarily watch content on their phone or tablet. With this plan, subscribers can enjoy unlimited ad-free movies and TV shows in standard definition. Additionally, Netflix offers mobile games exclusively to Mobile plan subscribers, ensuring an immersive entertainment experience.

Netflix Basic Plan

For Rs. 199 per month, the Basic plan expands viewing options to TVs and computers. While still limiting access to one device at a time, this plan offers all content in up to HD resolution (on supported devices). It is worth noting that Netflix’s games can only be played on Android or iOS devices, not on a browser.

Netflix Standard Plan

The Standard plan, priced at Rs. 499 per month, allows simultaneous streaming on two devices and offers content in full-HD resolution. However, to experience the full resolution, viewers must use Netflix’s native app. Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox compress the resolution to 720p due to Netflix’s use of DRM technology to prevent illegal copying of its content. To optimize their viewing experience, PC or laptop users are advised to use native browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Safari.

Netflix Premium Plan

The top-tier Premium plan, available at Rs. 649 per month, delivers content in Ultra-HD resolution, supporting HDR formats up to Dolby Vision on compatible devices. It also features enhanced audio options, including support for Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos, perfect for those with soundbars, speaker systems, or compatible TVs and headsets. While not all content in Netflix’s extensive library supports these formats, a quick search will reveal compatible shows and movies.

In addition, the Premium plan allows streaming on up to four devices simultaneously and supports downloads on six devices at a time. Despite apprehension surrounding the crackdown on password-sharing, the Premium plan remains popular due to its offering of Ultra-HD streaming and compatibility with modern HDR and audio formats.

With the introduction of these plans and the stricter measures on password-sharing, Netflix aims to provide a more personalized and secure streaming experience for its subscribers in India. As the battle against password-sharing intensifies globally, it remains to be seen how these changes will impact the streaming landscape in the months to come.

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