Will There Be A ‘Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 3 On Netflix?

The Lincoln Lawyer, Netflix‘s sharp legal series adapted from  Michael Connelly’s bestselling novels, just dropped its highly-anticipated Season 2, Part 2. And the new five episodes included yet another eventful finale that will leave fans of Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), Lorna (Becki Newton), Cisco (Angus Sampson), and Izzy (Jazz Raycole) wanting more.

If you’ve watched Season 2, Episode 10, “Bury Your Past,” you — like Mickey — likely have a long list of questions about Lisa Trammell (Lana Parrilla), Mickey’s new client Julian, and the unexpected death revealed in the finale’s final moments. But will we ever get the answers?

Wondering if there will be a Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 on Netflix? What a potential Season 3 could look like? And which book will be adapted next? Here’s what we know about the future of The Lincoln Lawyer.

Will There Be A Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 On Netflix?

As of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2, Part 2’s premiere date (Thursday, August 3) Netflix had yet to renew or cancel the series. But that’s not to say a Season 3 is out of the question. It’s not uncommon for streamers to wait a while after dropping new episodes of a show to renew it, and as members of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA continue to strike for fair contracts, there’s also a chance Netflix is holding off on announcing the show’s status because a timeline for production is so uncertain.

Based on the popularity of The Lincoln Lawyer‘s first two seasons — plus the love for the 2011 film of the same name and Connelly’s books — we’d be surprised if Netflix decided to cancel the legal series so soon, especially after Season 2 perfectly set up another murder case for Mickey. With seven books in The Lincoln Lawyer series, we know there are still more stories to tell. So what could a potential Season 3 look like? Let’s review.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in 'The Lincoln Lawyer'
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What Could The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Look Like?

By adapting the fourth book in Connelly’s novels, The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 reminded fans that the show has no problem jumping around or straying from the text, which means the Season 3 possibilities are endless. But Season 2, Part 2 perfectly tees up a new case for Mickey, so we at least have some idea of what new episodes would explore.

In the final minutes of the Season 2 finale, Izzy told Miickey his new client, Julian La Cosse, was being held at the sheriff’s station, so Mickey turned his Lincoln around and visited the mystery man (who claimed a friend recommended Mickey). “She said if I was ever in trouble I should call you. You’re the best lawyer in town,” Julian explained. “Now she’s dead and I’m in trouble. They think I did it, but I would never. Can you help me?”

Mickey had never heard of Julian’s friend, Giselle Dallinger, so he went to investigate the autopsy and pay a visit to the morgue. When the body was revealed, Mickey saw the victim was none other than Glory Days, aka Gloria Dayton, who said goodbye to him earlier in the season and reportedly moved to Hawaii to be with her mom. So Season 3 will presumably follow Mickey as he tries to understand her death and how Julian La Cosse fits in, which points to an adaptation of the fifth book in Connelly’s series, The Gods Of Guilt.

Per Connelley’s website, the description for the book is as follows:

“…When Mickey learns that the victim was his own former client, a prostitute he thought he had rescued and put on the straight and narrow path, he knows he is on the hook for this one. He soon finds out that she was back in LA and back in the life. Far from saving her, Mickey may have been the one who put her in danger. Haunted by the ghosts of his past, Mickey must work tirelessly and bring all his skill to bear on a case that could mean his ultimate redemption or proof of his ultimate guilt.”

If you’re craving more possible spoilers ahead of Netflix’s Season 3 verdict, be sure to check out the other books in the series. Aside from the trial, here’s hoping we see Mickey go head-to-head with Andrea Freemann (Yaya DaCosta) again. Because those two have CHEMISTRY. And of course, we need more Lorna, Cisco, and Izzy.

While we await news of The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3, the first two seasons are currently streaming on Netflix for any rewatch needs.

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