Disney+ Should Take a Look at Netflix

To the Editor:
As an investor in Walt Disney stock, I was delighted to read the cover story by Nicholas Jasinski (“Reclaiming the Magic,” July 28). I would like to add another important point—the crackdown on password sharing. Netflix already proved that it’s doable and is reaping the benefits. Disney+ should implement the same without delay. It’s one of the important steps toward Disney+ becoming profitable.

Rohit Bhosekar
Harrisburg, N.C.

Diversified India Fund

To the Editor:
The iShares MSCI India Small-Cap exchange-traded fund, which I have owned for some years, deserves mention in your list of India ETFs and mutual funds (“India’s Economy Is Humming, and There’s More to Come. Here’s How to Profit,” July 26). It has a one-year record of 16.4%, a five-year return of 7.8% per year, a 10-year return of 13.39% per year, and an annual expense ratio of 0.74%. Furthermore, it is fully diversified with no holding exceeding 1.3% of total assets.

Mike Meehan
Bradenton, Fla.

Cathie Wood’s Leadership

To the Editor:
Regarding “Cathie Wood Speaks Her Mind on Tesla, Meta, Nvidia, AI, and More” (Interview, July 27), I’ve owned the ARK Innovation ETF for years and stuck with it through the huge downturn because I trusted Wood’s leadership. Her insights about Tesla robotaxis and the future of digital property rights affirmed my decision.

Patty Duffy
Grand Blanc, Mich.

Climate-Risk Barometer

To the Editor:
Climate risk has cross-sector implications, but insurance is the tip of the spear (“We’re Marching Steadily Toward an Uninsurable Future,” Other Voices, July 20). While subtle, Farmers Insurance’s legal form is noteworthy. As a mutual, Farmers is owned by its policyholders. Generally, this allows mutuals to take a long view compared with the temptation of quarterly earnings. Mutuals also have singular focus: policyholders. This makes Farmers’ assessment of climate-related financial risk all the more telling.

Reinsurance, a key tool for insurers to transfer risk, was a missing, but meaningful, data point. The availability of reinsurance cover, where prices having been rapidly rising, is often existential for niche, catastrophe-exposed carriers. Continuing to deepen cross-border relationships, for instance via the reinsurance hub of Bermuda, will be important. The insurance-linked bond market can also play a role, albeit this asset class remains relatively small and specialized. From a macro point of view, the sector’s signals are worth watching as a climate-risk barometer.

Gray Schweitzer
Bodrum, Turkey

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