This new Netflix interactive movie will let you play matchm…

Don’t you wish that your movies were more interactive? Most will say “no”, but for the rest of you, there are Netflix interactive movies. There’s a new one coming out that will let you play matchmaker. This one is called Choose Love, and it will hit Netflix at the end of the month, according to TechRadar.

If you’re not familiar with Netflix’s interactive movies, here’s a crash course. These are movies where you can actually choose the path of the story. At certain plot points, you’ll be able to choose what happens next through an on-screen menu. Think of it like playing Mass Effect on your TV. If you don’t like the path that you took, you’re able to go back and choose different options.

There are other interactive movies on the platform. You have You vs. Wild, Bandersnatched, and Escape The Undertaker. These are on the platform, so you can watch (or play, rather) them now.

Choose Love lets you play matchmaker on Netflix

This is a rom-com, so you’ll have the power to make and break relationships (no pressure). The story revolves around Cami Conway. She’s an audio engineer who states that her life is going really well; and it is. She’s in love with her boyfriend, she has a fulfilling career, and she’s generally happy.

Well, what’s to happen when she sees an old flame from years back? Also, what’s to happen when she gets moved to a new studio with a new musician who she finds attractive? AND, what’s to happen when, amid all this emotional chaos, she gets wind that her boyfriend is preparing to propose? Well, the answers to those questions are up to YOU to answer.

You’ll be able to choose who Cami eventually falls for. Do you want her to stay true to her boyfriend or chart a new path? Well, if you’re antsy to choose, you’ll have to wait until August 31st.

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