Why did Lamar Jackson turn down Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’ rol…

Lamar Jackson, along with rest of NFL fans, watched Netflix rake in the ratings for their new Quarterback series earlier this month.

Fans seemed to enjoy the series overall, but are still questioning one of the stars’ appearance in the program. Many wondered why the program would have Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and then Marcus Mariota.

Those fans left wondering got at least a clue to the story as Lamar Jackson reportedly was clear on why he didn’t want any part of it. In a tweet posted by Jeff Zrebiec on Twitter, he basically said the quarterback believed it would be a distraction. Here’s how Zrebiec put it:

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“Lamar Jackson said Netflix reached out to him about their quarterback series and he was appreciative. But he’s focusing ‘on ball’ right now.”

Of course, this would be assuming that the program wanted to slide him in over Mariota and they were dead set on following three quarterbacks only and not four. All of this said, the door is open for the program to have him on in the future, considering his new long-term agreement finally got inked this offseason.

Lamar Jackson ends marathon negotiation session with lingering question

No. 8 at Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints
No. 8 at Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints

Over the course of multiple seasons, the story around the quarterback was his future with the Ravens. Some believed his injury concerns were exacerbated by the lack of a contract. In other words, the injuries were at least in part used as leverage against the organization.


Well, those clinging to that theory can do so for the season and it will be up to Jackson to prove them right or wrong. He’s missed the final game of the season in each of the last two years. If he finished this year, he’ll essentially be adding fuel to their argument.

However, if he doesn’t finish the year, it’ll be proof that his health trouble was cold hard truth, setting the team back potentially for the remainder of his contract.

As it stands, his deal runs through the 2027 season, which will be a long wait for fans if he faceplants or otherwise continues the same availability trouble this year.


Considering he was able to essentially test a modified free agency earlier this offseason and no one bit, trading the quarterback might be out of the question. Of course, Ravens fans want no part of that conversation right now. Will Jackson return to former red-hot glory?

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