Amid SAG-AFTRA strike, Netflix is seeking AI product manage…

Netflix Offers $900,000 Salary for AI Manager Amidst Industry Strike

Streaming giant Netflix has recently posted a job opening for an artificial intelligence (AI) manager, offering an impressive salary of up to $900,000 (approximately ₹7.4 crore) per year. This move comes amidst a strike led by the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), which is demanding fair AI practices within the entertainment industry.

The AI manager will play a crucial role in enhancing Netflix’s AI Machine Learning programme (MLP) and will strive to incorporate the technology into various domains such as content acquisition and user recommendations. The role can be based either at Netflix’s Los Gatos office or remotely, providing flexibility and convenience.

According to the company’s website, the salary range for similar roles in Netflix typically falls between $300,000 and $900,000. Notably, this is the first time Netflix is hiring for a product management position to support the ML platform, highlighting the increasing importance of AI in their operations.

Applicants for the AI manager position are required to possess a technical background in engineering and/or machine learning. They must also be capable of collaborating with data scientists and building partnerships with other product managers throughout the organization. Netflix emphasizes that this role differs from typical positions found at other technology companies, stating, “Our key product management leaders, including this position, work with multiple sprint teams but do not have direct reports. Consequently, we’re looking for experienced product leaders who are strategic and also like rolling up their sleeves.”

In addition to the AI manager position, Netflix is also hiring for an AI technical director in its Game Studio. The annual salary for this role is listed at $650,000 (approximately ₹5 crore).

The SAG-AFTRA strike, which began earlier this month, arose after negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) broke down over streaming residuals and safeguards against AI. The union has expressed concerns about the excessive power of AI and algorithms. This strike is particularly significant as it marks the first time since 1960 that both writers and actors have gone on strike simultaneously, effectively bringing the industry to a standstill.

It remains to be seen how Netflix’s AI manager hire will impact the company’s overall approach to AI and address the concerns raised by the SAG-AFTRA. However, this move showcases the increasing influence and responsibility that AI holds within the entertainment industry.

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