Did xQc become an actor? Streamer’s excitement peaks as he …

AUSTIN, TEXAS: xQc, a popular streamer on both Twitch and Kick, recently made headlines by addressing the speculations surrounding AI xQc. With a massive following of over 12 million on Twitch and an impressive 430k on Kick, xQc’s influence in the streaming community is undeniable.


During a recent Twitch live stream, xQc expressed excitement and shock upon discovering his appearance in the ‘Deep v Heard’ Netflix trailer. The trailer gained immense popularity from April onwards. Some of the prominent streamers like Asmongold and Pokimane shared their opinions on the trailer. The video quickly became an internet sensation, captivating audiences across various platforms.

Has xQc become an actor?

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During a recent live stream, xQc delighted his fan community by hosting a watch party for the trailer of the upcoming Netflix series, ‘Depp v Heard.’ The three-part series explores the infamous defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which captivated the public and gained notoriety as the world’s first trial by TikTok. The show is set to premiere on August 16, 2023.


As xQc watched the trailer, he made a surprising discovery – a screenshot of himself featured in the trailer. Excitedly, he exclaimed, “Yo! Yo! Yo. Nooo shot. Oh my god I f*ckin made it, dude.” Fans who noticed xQc’s appearance began speculating that he might have become an actor. However, it is important to wait for official information from the streamer’s side to confirm the details. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development.



‘This is the funniest thing ever LMAO’ 

After watching the live stream clip of xQc on YouTube. Many fans have shared their thoughts. One fan said, “You know netflix gon make amber the hero even tho she lost and I wouldn’t be surprised if they try and paint xqc “evil” or some sh*t.” Another fan said, “Hopefully aDepp can make a cameo in Felix vs 🐋” One YouTube user said, “I would be surprised if asmongold is not shown on this show atleast once, bro had the most viewers on twitch.” Another YouTube user wrote, “Ain’t no way remember when everyone joked about how there is gonna be a Johnny vs Amber Netflix adaptation.” Another user wrote, “This is the funniest thing ever LMAO.”

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(xqc clips/YouTube
As xQc watched the trailer, he made a surprising discovery (xqc clips/YouTube


(xqc clips/YouTube
Many fans shared their thoughts after watching the live stream clip (xqc clips/YouTube

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