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There’s nothing more innately exciting than real-life stories of ordinary people who rose against all odds to do something incredibly motivational. Indian filmmakers have often been enchanted by the country’s freedom struggle leaving us completely teary-eyed. In between the pages of history, some names were celebrated across the world while some stayed in the dark. But there’s no better way to relive those stories other than through the power of movies and show. With game-changing performances, these cinematic gems successfully capture the selfless and courageous deeds of brave hearts and spark a revolution.

Let us have a look at these unmissable stories of India’s unsung heroes which will ignite love and fire within you:

1.Maurh [ZEE5]

Set in pre-partition era of Punjab, Maurh chronicles the life of Jeona Maurh, a colonial Punjabi villager, who took up the pistol to avenge his bandit brother Kishna’s death. Jeona is determined to demolish the exploitative land tax mafia, which works with the Indian monarchs and Britishers to impoverish the people, as well as Dogar, another thief who betrayed Kishna. Along with sharp writing and impeccable performances, Maurh explores the socio-political landscape of Punjab during British colonial rule capturing their dreams, struggles and emotions and keeps history enthusiasts glued to the screen. Watch this captivating film with your friends and family only on ZEE5.

2. Super30 [Disney+Hotstar]

Based on the life of Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar, Super 30 is an inspiring journey of Anand triumphing over adversity touches hearts as he empowers his students to dream big, break free from poverty and embrace education’s transformative power. Anand [Hrithik Roshan] who runs the famed Super 30 program for IIT aspirants in Patna will leave a lasting impression on your mind with his power-packed performance. Watch Super30 celebrating the strength of the human spirit only on Disney + Hotstar.

3. Mukhbir: The Story Of A Spy [ZEE5]

Mukhbir – The Story of a Spy is an Indian spy thriller series which revolves around a highly trained Indian spy who enters Pakistan on a mission to gather crucial intelligence and stop Pakistan from launching an attack against India. Underlined with path-breaking performances, the series is a golden tribute to unsung heroes who live in the shadows and devote their lives towards the safety of the country. Watch the emotionally gripping series on ZEE5.

4. Sherni [Amazon Prime Video]

Sherni revolves around a forest officer [Vidya Balan] who is on a mission to capture a man-eating tigress in a remote village. The film’s powerful message on wildlife conservation resonates, celebrating the indomitable spirit of those fighting for justice. Vidya’s resilience and compassion inspires hope as she protects wildlife and the tigress’s cubs despite challenges and politics. Watch this impeccable film only on Amazon Prime Video.

5. Kaagaz [ZEE5]

Based on a true story, Kaagaz traces the journey of Lal Bihari, a regular man wrongly declared dead by the government. Determined to prove that he’s alive, he humorously signs letters as ‘late Lal Bihari’ and faces bureaucratic hurdles for 19 years. The film combines laughter with a poignant focus on social issues and inspires us with its soul-touching narrative. Watch the heart-warming film on ZEE5.

We bet these films will fill your heart and make you wave the Tiranga!

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