Virat Kohli’s brother-in-law is the producer of this film, has signed 400 crores with Amazon and Netflix:

Virat Kohli’s Brother-in-Law, Karnesh Sharma, Strikes 400 Crore Deal in Bollywood

In the world of cricket, Virat Kohli is known as a dominating force, but his brother-in-law, Karnesh Sharma, is making a splash in Bollywood. As the brother of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, Karnesh is a film producer who has recently signed a lucrative 400 crore deal with streaming giants Amazon Prime and Netflix. The deal will see him release 8 films on these platforms in the near future.

Karnesh Sharma, together with his sister Anushka, co-founded the production house Clean Slate, which has produced several successful films over the years. In just a decade, the value of the production house has skyrocketed to 100 crore rupees. Notable films produced under Clean Slate include “Phillauri” and “NH10,” both starring Anushka Sharma.

According to DNA reports, Karnesh Sharma has secured a deal worth over 400 crores with Netflix and Amazon Prime for his production house. This partnership will allow him to release 8 films exclusively on these platforms. The first film released under this arrangement, “Kaala,” was a resounding success. It is worth noting that Karnesh Sharma’s total assets are currently valued at 10 crores.

Karnesh started his career with the film “NH10,” which featured his sister Anushka in the lead role. Although the film did not perform exceptionally at the box office, it earned critical acclaim as one of the best action thriller films of its time. Karnesh has since produced hit films like “Phillauri,” “Pari,” and “Bulbul” alongside his sister Anushka.

This 400 crore deal showcases the rise of Karnesh Sharma in the Bollywood industry and his growing reputation as a successful film producer. It is a testament to his talent and the quality of content he brings to the table. Bollywood enthusiasts and fans of Anushka Sharma will undoubtedly anticipate the release of these upcoming films on the OTT platforms.

(Reference: DNA)

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