EU Probes Amazon’s $1.7B iRobot Roomba Acquisition, Tech Startups Secure Massive Funding

With the latest news on tech startups, European Union regulators are looking at Amazon’s proposed acquisition of iRobot, startups Verity and Pano AI gained significant funding, and Simbe and Bedrock are expanding their operations. Read more.

Amazon’s iRobot Roomba Acquisition Faces EU Scrutiny

European Union regulators have officially investigated Amazon’s planned $1.7 billion acquisition of iRobot, the renowned company behind the popular Roomba robot vacuum cleaners. 

The European Commission is concerned about potential competition limitations in the robot vacuum cleaner market and Amazon’s growing dominance as an online marketplace provider. 

Additionally, they examine how access to iRobot users’ data may give Amazon an advantage in online marketplace services and data-related markets. The investigation’s outcome will have profound implications for the future of the robotics industry and consumer choice.

Verity Raises Additional Funding to Meet Supply Chain Automation Demands

For this week, TechCrunch reported a handful of essential updates about tech startups offering services like ocean mapping, wildfire detection, and more.

One of these unique firms is Swiss startup Verity which recently announced a significant funding round to address the surging demand for supply chain automation. 

Building on its $32 million Series B funding from March, Verity continues to attract attention, thanks to its groundbreaking collaboration with Ikea. 

With 100 drones deployed in 16 warehouses across Europe, Verity’s innovative drone technology has revolutionized warehouse operations. 

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Pano AI’s Wildfire Detection System Secures Funding Extension

Amid the growing concern about wildfires, Pano AI has made tremendous progress in automated wildfire detection. Their system has successfully spotted wildfires using advanced camera technology, delivering crucial early warnings. 

In recognition of their pioneering work, Pano AI recently announced a $17 million extension to its existing $20 million Series A funding. 

Simbe Raises $28 Million to Expand Inventory Monitoring Robots

Simbe, a leading robotics company focused on in-store inventory monitoring, has recently secured an impressive $28 million Series B funding. 

Following their successful $26 million Series A funding in late 2019, Simbe has experienced remarkable growth, propelled by their collaboration with BJ Wholesale Club. 

Simbe’s robots, known as Tally, roam stores, can continuously monitor inventory levels within customers’ reach. 

Bedrock Raises $25.5 Million to Revolutionize Underwater Mapping

Bedrock, an ambitious startup focused on underwater projects, has recently secured $25.5 million in funding to transform the field of ocean mapping. 

Traditional survey ships for offshore projects have proven costly and time-consuming. Bedrock’s autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) offer a cost-effective alternative, efficiently conducting surveying, inspection, and monitoring tasks. 

Interestingly, Bedrock’s new focus lies in the hardware and the commercial viability of selling the valuable data collected by their AUVs. 

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