Zombieverse, the new Korean reality series on Netflix, is set in a zombie apocalypse

Netflix is gearing up to release a new reality series which promises to be a unique addition to the streaming platform’s growing collection of zombie-themed content. At long last, fans will get to witness South Korean entertainers battling their way through hordes of brain-craving creatures right in the heart of Seoul.

Thanks to the creative genius of Park Jin-kyung and Moon Sang-don, and a partnership with Kakoa Entertainment, Zombieverse marks the first reality series centred on the popular sub-genre of horror.

The show draws inspiration from successful scripted Korean zombie series like Kingdom and Alive, and doesn’t skimp on realism. The artistic minds behind the hit Netflix original All of Us Are Dead have lent their talent to ensure an authentic experience. And yes, zombies play a significant role in the series.

The official synopsis provided by Netflix sets the stage for the series: 

In the midst of a zombie virus outbreak in Seoul, contestants are faced with challenging quests and must outsmart the undead to survive. Working together becomes crucial as anyone bitten by a zombie is left behind. 

While the concept shares similarities with the American reality show The Colony, Zombieverse’s key differentiating factor is, of course, the presence of zombies. The contestants better be prepared to outwit the undead during challenging quests if they want to make it out alive. 

With a diverse cast of South Korean entertainers, including actors, comedians, rappers, and even a baseball player, Zombieverse will feature a lively blend of talent and brains – of both the human and undead varieties. These brave souls will have to band together to survive the simulated zombie apocalypse, ensuring that they’re not left behind as zombie snacks.

Here is a detailed list of the participants in Zombieverse:

  1. Lee Si-young: A South Korean actress known for her role in the popular Korean horror series Sweet Home.
  2. Ro Hong-chul: A popular South Korean entertainer who has appeared on various Korean shows, including Infinite Challenge and The Hungry and the Hairy.
  3. Park Na-rae: A South Korean DJ and comedian
  4. Kim Cheol/DinDin: A South Korean rapper and TV personality
  5. Fukutomi Tsuki: A Japanese singer who is part of the K-pop girl group Billlie.
  6. Yoo Hee-kwan: A South Korean baseball player who currently plays for the Doosan Bears in the KBO League.
  7. Yiombi Jonathan: A TV personality who will be participating in the competition
  8. Yiombi Patricia: The sister of Jonathan, is also a TV personality joining the cast of Zombieverse.
  9. Hong Seong Woo: A South Korean urologist, professor, and YouTuber
  10. Kim Jin-young/Dex: A South Korean YouTuber and vlogger who previously appeared on Single’s Inferno season 2

These participants come from diverse backgrounds, including acting, entertainment, music, sports, and more. With their individual talents and personalities, they will face the challenge of surviving the simulated zombie attack in Seoul.

To make the zombie encounters all the more terrifying, the actors portraying the undead have received rigorous training from the choreographers behind Netflix’s acclaimed series Kingdom

Anticipation for Zombieverse is already running high, and once released on Netflix, it is expected to become a hot topic of conversation. 

Zombieverse is set to drop on August 8 on Netflix.

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