Special Pricing on High Resolution INNOCN Monitors for Amazon ES (Spain) During Amazon Prime Day 2023 – World News Report

INNOCN Prime Day Deals

SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG, CHINA, July 8, 2023/ — Shenzhen Century Joint Innovation Technology Company Ltd. (INNOCN) stands as a leading provider of cost-efficient and high-value ultra-wide and portable monitors. With a strong focus on delivering premium monitors at affordable prices, INNOCN has gained popularity among Amazon ES customers in Spain. This Prime Day, INNOCN is proud to offer an exclusive opportunity for monitor enthusiasts in Spain to get their hands on their favorite monitors at irresistible discounts.

INNOCN is widely recognized for its monitors that cater to gaming enthusiasts and multitaskers, striking a perfect balance between affordability and high performance. Amazon ES (Spain) customers eagerly anticipate Amazon Prime Day to enhance their setups with INNOCN’s innovative monitors, benefiting from unbeatable discounts.

Distinguished from the competition, these INNOCN monitors showcase features that leave a lasting impression. With ultra-high resolution, blue-light reduction, color calibration, and TUV-authentication prioritizing user well-being, INNOCN monitors are the ultimate Prime Day deals. Among the monitors on sale are the 13A1F Portable Monitor, the 27C1U-D Gaming Monitor, the 27G1G Gaming Monitor, the 39G1R Curved Monitor, the 40C1R Ultra-wide Monitor, the 44C1G Ultra-wide Monitor, and the 27G1H Gaming Monitor. These monitors feature AMD Freesync Premium, high brightness levels, and versatile connectivity options, ensuring a tear-free viewing experience and compatibility with popular devices.

During the July 11th Prime Day sale, customers can enjoy exceptional pricing on INNOCN monitors. The 13A1F is available for €238.4, the 27C1U-D for €259.2, the 27G1G for €169.15, the 39G1R for €380, the 40C1R for €489.2, the 44C1G for €559.2, the 27G1S for €369, and the 27G1H for €219. These Prime Day discounts are available for a limited time, presenting the ultimate opportunity for customers to upgrade their monitor setups and enjoy outstanding value for their money. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals from INNOCN this Prime Day.

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