Homewrecker brings ALL the drama and suspense to Netflix


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Homewrecker brings ALL the drama and suspense to Netflix
‘Homewrecker’ producer, Salamina Mosese. Photo: 702/Karabo Tebele

Bongani Bingwa speaks to producer, Salamina Mosese about her latest Netflix film, Homewrecker.

From producers Salamina Mosese and Stephina Zwane-Groenewald comes a mystery drama about envy and betrayal.

Homewrecker tells the story of a damaged woman, played by Letoya Makhene-Pulumo, who is consumed by an unrelenting desire to steal the life of her successful colleague, played by Mbali Mlotshwa.

She is driven by envy and betrayal no matter what the consequences are.

The response to the preview have been overwhelming, so much so that Netflix released the film early.

We have see Hollywood give us this genre… ‘Homewrecker’ was us really trying something different and still doing what we love to do, and that is pitting strong female characters and having a showdown.

Salamina Mosese, producer

The filmmaking duo took a step back from being in front of the camera to share the creativity and passion for film as director and producer.

I think it is exciting as a producer to be able to be able to put other people on.

Salamina Mosese, producer

Homewrecker is available to stream on Netflix.

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