Amy Schumer Jokes About Hilaria Baldwin’s Controversy in Netflix Special


Amy Schumer addresses the viral controversy of Hilaria Baldwin in her recent Netflix stand-up special, “Emergency Contact.” In the show, Schumer jokingly imitates Baldwin’s fake Spanish accent and reveals that the controversy surrounding Baldwin’s fake Spanish identity left her confused. She recalled meeting Baldwin backstage at NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” and was surprised to learn about the number of children she had with Spanish names. However, in reality, Baldwin is from Boston, not Spain.

According to a Twitter thread that went viral in December 2020, Baldwin misled people to believe that she was from Spain. In response to the tweets, Baldwin released an Instagram video in which she claimed that she was born in Boston but spent some of her childhood in Spain. Baldwin also mentioned that her family calls her Hilaria, not Hillary. Her husband, Alec Baldwin, commented on the same Instagram post and clarified that she never claimed to be from Spain.

Despite the controversy, Schumer uses it as material for her comedy special. She admits that she’s “not trying to bully a sociopath. I have a point, OK?” Schumer’s humorous take on the controversy revisits the viral discussion that started in late 2020. Her new stand-up special is a hilarious take on modern life amid the pandemic.

Overall, Amy Schumer’s light-hearted jab at Hilaria Baldwin shows how absurd the controversial discussion became. Schumer’s commentary adds a humorous touch to the situation, reminding us not to take things too seriously, even when they grab headlines.



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