Netflix fans scared to be alone after ‘violent and gruesome’ sequel Don’t Breathe 2 has them ‘screaming out loud’

NETFLIX fans have admitted being scared to be alone after watching the sequel of horror film Don’t Breathe.

Viewers claimed to be “screaming out loud” while watching the “violent and gruesome” movie.

Don't Breathe 2 is out on Netflix now


Don’t Breathe 2 is out on Netflix nowCredit: IMDB

The original 2016 film is about a trio of thieves hoping to walk away with a massive fortune when they break into the house of a blind man, Norman Nordstrom.

The 2021 sequel is set years after the deadly home invasion and follows Norman’s journey as his past sins catch up to him.

It’s now streaming on Netflix, having been directed by Rodo Sayagues.

One viewer said: “More violent and gruesome than the first. Entire context changes from being scared of the blind guy to rooting for the blind guy.

“Thought it won’t work but it actually did. Perfect theatre moments.

“Major portion of film stays true to its home invasion genre.”

Another said: “Don’t breathe 2, did what needed to be done. i may or may not have screamed/jumped a few times.”

Someone else added: “I finally watched Don’t Breathe 2 and my scary ass jumped the whole movie.”

A fan admitted: “Watching don’t breathe 2 and if you know me I do NOT do scary movies. Yeah, I’m not staying home by myself tonight ! I’m outta here.”

Viewers have been haunted by the terrifying scenes


Viewers have been haunted by the terrifying scenesCredit: IMDB

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