When does The Grand Tour return to Amazon Prime and how can I watch it?

THE Grand Tour is heading into Europe for the upcoming show.

Hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will take on an epic 1,400-mile journey for this TV special.

The Grand Tour is heading to Central Europe for its new series


The Grand Tour is heading to Central Europe for its new seriesCredit: Amazon Prime

When is The Grand Tour back on Amazon Prime?

The Grand Tour: Eurocrash will launch Friday, June 16, 2023, on Amazon Prime Video.

Fans will get to watch the boys travel from Gdansk in Poland, through Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

During their mammoth road trip, they’ll be sampling some Soviet-style Formula 1 and recruiting a famous racing driver.

Plus, the lads will be attacked by deadly archers and take part in a spectacular Fast And Furious-style climax.

A TV insider told The Sun: “This will be a special like no other – and fans are going to lap it up.

“Nobody thought Central Europe would be an option for a road trip, but the lads have well and truly proven it’s a great destination for petrolheads.”

How many episodes of The Grand Tour are there?

The Grand Tour: Eurocrash is a one off special, so there is only one episode.

It is expected to run for 90 minutes, so fans will get plenty of action.

The special follows their latest release, A Scandi Flick, and will launch ahead of their next adventure which has recently finished filming in Mauritania.

How to watch The Grand Tour?

Fans can watch The Grand Tour if they have an Amazon Prime subscription.

The show is exclusively on this streaming platform, as it is an Amazon original.

Subscriptions cost £8.99 per month or £95 for a year – there is also a student discount which has a monthly cost of £4.49.

Will The Grand Tour finish after the current season?

Fans don’t need to fear, as host Jeremy Clarkson has revealed they are already filming the next one – and this time the boys will be seen in Africa.

Fans had been left worried for the future of the show but Jezza has confirmed it will return.

Teasing what’s to come, he told his fans: “For the next one – in fact, the next two – we’re back on slightly scary ground, doing things that we used to do when we were in our thirties and forties.

“But now we’re in our fifties and sixties, so I’m slightly nervous about the next two.

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“Let’s just say we’re going back to Africa, and this one’s a hard one. It’s hard if you’re young and fit, but I’m really not fit.

“And I’m very fat. And I’m 63 now.”

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