Fake Profile ending explained: Breaking down Netflix drama’s wild finale

Arriving with little fanfare last month, Colombian original Fake Profile has become one of this summer’s surprise streaming hits, taking up residency in Netflix’s Top 10 list both sides of the Atlantic.

The story of a Las Vegas stripper who’s romanced by a high-flying plastic surgeon only to discover he’s a nepotistic married father-of-two, the 10-part series plays out like Catfish on steroids.

And like any telenovela worth its salt, it also contains plenty of dastardly schemes, life-long family secrets and complicated love triangles (or in this case love decahedrons) which unfold in dramatic style.

If you couldn’t quite keep up with the sheer chaos of its final episode, here’s what went down – warning, there are full spoilers ahead for Fake Profile, aka Perfil falso.

Fake Profile on Netflix ending explained

What happened to Camila in Fake Profile?

Rodolfo Salas as Miguel Esteves and Carolina Miranda as Camila Roman in Fake Profile

Rodolfo Salas as Miguel Esteves and Carolina Miranda as Camila Roman in Fake Profile. Renata Bolívar / Netflix

After learning her dying father Pedro (Víctor Mallarino) has masterminded a needlessly elaborate plan to break up both of his children’s relationships, a vengeful Angela (Manuela González) looks to have bludgeoned Camila (Carolina Miranda), aka the other woman, to death. She even manages to convince husband Miguel (Rodolfo Salas), the man whose inability to keep it in his pants started all the drama, to dispose of her body.

Of course, this being a telenovela and all, no one ever stays dead for too long. Turns out Camila survived being smashed over the head with a rock, something she alerted her former lover to while he was rolling her up in a carpet. Miguel then takes her to an abandoned old family residence to recuperate.

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But soon after, she’s tracked down by Pedro’s sidekick Tina (Juliana Galvis) who, instead of killing her for screwing up all the devious plans, leaves her bound and gagged to “die of starvation”, obviously not realising a lack of water would see her off first. Tina’s rope skills are clearly as limited as her knowledge of the human body as Camila quickly manages to free herself with the utmost ease.

After calling upon her knight in shining armour, taxi driver David (Lincoln Palomeque), to pick her up, Camila then heads to Angela’s home for another showdown. And she’s joined by someone else who appears to have come back from the dead.

What happened to Miguel in Fake Profile?

Rodolfo Salas as Miguel Esteves in Fake Profile

Rodolfo Salas as Miguel Esteves in Fake Profile. Renata Bolívar / Netflix

Following a heated debate in which Miguel insists Angela confess all to the police (despite knowing Camila is alive and well, just to add to the show’s glorious lack of logic), the unhappily-married pair get into a serious car accident. Angela manages to crawl out to safety but takes the ultimate revenge on her cheating husband by leaving him to die in the subsequent explosion.

Unlike Camila’s near-death experience, it’s never revealed exactly how Miguel managed to survive the blazing fireball. But there’s barely a scratch when we see him enter Angela’s bedroom behind Camila for a “seeing a ghost” double whammy.

With a new-found taste for murder, Angela starts shooting with reckless abandon. But the seemingly invincible Miguel and Camila needn’t have worried. They even survive their leap out of the second-floor window, although the latter does need extensive rehab before she finally gets to return to the Vegas stage. By this point, she’s shacked up with David, although a watching-from-afar Miguel suggests he’s still smitten with the woman who helped cause so much carnage.

Why did Pedro want to get rid of Cris?

Julián Cerati and Felipe Lodoño in Fake Profile

Julián Cerati and Felipe Lodoño in Fake Profile. Renata Bolívar / Netflix

OK, so it was clear why Pedro didn’t want catfishing philanderer Miguel to become an heir to his business empire. But what did he have against Cris (Felipe Londoño), the fiancé of his son Adrián (Mauricio Hénao)?

Well, it’s eventually revealed that Angela and Adrián’s mother temporarily left Pedro when they were young for a new man who she also went on to have a son with. That son, yes you guessed it, is Cris, meaning he and Adrián have unknowingly been in an incestuous relationship for five years! Quite why Pedro couldn’t just explain this in person, rather than hiring a bisexual waiter to drive a wedge between them over several months is anyone’s guess.

Oh, and did we mention said waiter was also having an affair with Angela? Yes, just to make things even ickier, Inti (Julián Cerati) was sleeping with both of Pedro’s offspring while simultaneously pushing Cris, a former one-night-stand, out of the picture by framing him for both drug possession and the creation of an OnlyFans account. Luckily, once the little weasel’s activities are exposed, he ends up pushed out of the frame himself.

Did Pedro’s meddling work?

Víctor Mallarino as Pedro Ferrer in Fake Profile

Víctor Mallarino as Pedro Ferrer in Fake Profile. Renata Bolívar / Netflix

Strangely, all of Pedro’s ridiculously convoluted meddling does actually work in some respect. Both of his kids are left single by the time the credits roll. However, his daughter is now in jail having accidentally, but fatally, shot him in the climactic bedroom melee.

One month on, the latter insists she’ll do everything she can to maintain her father’s legacy. But still in police custody, presumably awaiting trial on several murder/attempted murder charges, that will be easier said than done.

While Angela looks destined to spend the foreseeable future behind bars, Camila’s mother (Carmenza Gómez) is now a free woman. The stripper used the money she earned wrecking Miguel’s marriage to hire a lawyer who would help acquit her mum – jailed many years ago for killing her abusive husband – on the grounds of self-defence.

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