Months After Controversial Story Catches Fire Through Netflix, Ex-NFL Player Manti Te’o Makes Massive Announcement on Future in Football

In August 2022, the NFL world was sent into shock when Netflix released a documentary about the true story behind the infamous Manti Te’o Scandal that came to light nearly a decade earlier. Te’o, a Second Round Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, has had a stable career in the NFL, after playing in the league for almost 8 years as a Linebacker. 

However, after injuries and dark truths derailed the career of the journeyman, NFL fans would last see the Notre Dame Linebacker suit up in 2020 for the Chicago Bears. The 32-year-old has had a revolutionary journey since, culminating in Te’o finally announcing the next step in his career, leaving behind his distant past. 

Manti Te’o announces greater purpose after Football journey


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Manti Te’o, once a formidable linebacker and a celebrated figure at the University of Notre Dame, is resolute in his decision to leave behind the sport that defined a significant portion of his life. At the age of 32, Te’o has officially declared the end of his football career, bidding farewell to the gridiron and his adrenaline-pumping battles against opposing running backs.

“I’m playing a different game now. I’m trying to empower people. Trying to inspire people. That’s the game that I’m playing now, and I’m trying to be the best at that,” Te’o told reporters.


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While his professional career might not have lived up to the grand journey that he had at Notre Dame University during his college career, the Linebacker has come a long way since his dark days. Just last year, Te’o’s dark past hit screens across the globe after Netflix released the documentary, ‘Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist’.

Looking back at the ‘Catfishing’ Incident that shook the football world

Netflix’s documentary about Te’o’s past brought about the dark truth that rocked the football world in early 2013. He fell victim to a catfishing scam involving a fake online girlfriend named Lennay Kekua. Te’o publicly mourned her death, but it was later revealed to the public, after months of investigation, that the now infamous ‘girlfriend’ never existed.


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The incident brought significant scrutiny and cast a shadow over his career. For years, Te’o’s career was overshadowed by the dark clouds cast by the scandal. While many may have forgotten about the scandal, Netflix’s documentary about the 2012 incident brought to life Te’o’s truth about the scandal. For Te’o, his retirement finally marks the beginning of a new journey for him-a journey beyond the confines of the game to which he dedicated his life. 

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