Does Netflix have all 8 Harry Potter movies in the US and UK?

Does Harry Potter have a Netflix version in the US or UK? HITC investigates.

Harry Potter lovers could begin to cast spells and emulate the characters they love in the Wizarding World. They would then be able to stream all Harry Potter films on any streaming service.

Alas, this isn’t the world of wands and wonder that Daniel Radcliffe‘s Harry inhabits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape and relax with a marathon of all eight Harry Potter movies—it’s the very next best thing. You may want to first check Netflix.

In this age of streaming, audiences are increasingly turning to the service for their film and television consumption. Indeed, you may have noticed people tweeting about the boy who lived’s return to streaming, so let’s ask: Is Harry Potter streaming on Netflix in the US and UK?

Harry Potter is available on Netflix US and UK.

The eight Harry Potter films were added to Netflix UK and Ireland in 2023 on May 17, but not the US.

US audience can head to Peacock instead, where all eight movies are available for streaming. Premium Plas costs $9.99 but only $4.99 with ads.

For those who don’t wish to begin a new subscription, the films are also available to rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

If you’re in the UK and Ireland, on the other hand, they’re now all on Netflix.

Harry Potter fanatics rejoice

As you’d expect, the Harry Potter films arriving on Netflix have encouraged the UK fandom to dive back in, with any excuse to revisit the wizarding world always proving to be a welcome one.

Many people took to Twitter and expressed their delight that Harry Potter, Hermione Weasley, Ron Weasley, are all back in the streamer.

View a collection of Twitter posts:

The eight Harry Potter films ranked

While the Harry Potter collection is readily available and easy to find, it’s not so easy ranking them in order of worst to best.

Of course, it’s all personal preference, but here’s our ranking:

All eight Harry Potter films are now streaming on Netflix UK & Ireland.

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