Netflix ‘Doctor Cha’ Episode 9 Review: Jung-sook considers ending her marriage, starts pondering options

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: K-dramas have changed the course of cinema and have taken the narrative far from typical storytelling. ‘Doctor Cha’ on Netflix has become a fan favourite and has clearly become the talk of the town. This week’s episode was a banger as last week’s episode left us wanting more. As we were contemplating if Jung-sook will ever know about In-ho’s extra marital affair, the show threw a curve ball at us and we were stumped.


This week’s episode walks on the consequences of In-ho’s actions and the fact that Jung-sook realizes that her beloved grumpy husband is cheating on her with her childhood nemesis. To make things worse, it was quite heartbreaking for Jung-sook to realize that everyone but her knew about her husband. Episode 9 slowly unravels the details of the affair. Last week, we saw Jung-sook celebrating her birthday with her family while she finally got to know about In-ho and Seung-hi. This week continues from where we last left Jung-sook, at the restaurant table. 


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‘Doctor Cha’ Episode 8 Review: Jung-sook starts to spiral after knowing about In-ho’s infidelity

A birthday celebration mixed with awkward silence

After having a sudden realization of In-ho’s cheating scandal, Jung-sook starts to hyperventilate but keeps her cool on the outside. While In-ho gifts her a bouquet of flowers, Jung-sook takes it with a faint smile and exhales heavily. Eventually she grabs her husband’s head and sinks it into the cake. She starts laughing, telling In-ho that she wanted to do this for a while and it’s quite therapeutic for her. The situation on the way home is awkward, everyone in the car is silent.


While Jung-sook’s mind is running at an unusual speed, In-ho turns on the radio and a song starts playing. Upon listening, Jung-sook brings up how the songs she likes are similar to his ex, Seung-hi. But Jung-sook can only hold on for so long, and in a moment of frustration, she asks to be dropped off and walks home. The whole saga confirms that she knows about In-ho, and there will be consequences when the family gets home.

How do you search for a divorce attorney? 

Upon reaching home, Jung-sook starts her research on finding a good divorce lawyer. She takes the next step in the morning and heads to a consultation, where the lawyer tells her she needs to find a strong evidence of his affair in order to end this quickly and get favourable terms. However, before the divorce gets finalized, Jung-sook asks her entire family to gather as she needs to announce something. She tells them that she will be leaving and staying at the resident dorms. Upcoming episode will be high on drama and comedy, we clearly can’t wait to see what happens after Jung-sook leaves home and how her family survives without Jung-sook’s help all the time.


‘Doctor Cha’ is now available to watch on Netflix.

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