Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review: End of the Fire TV Stick?

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review (Image: AMAZON)

The new Fire TV 4-Series is decent telly for its relatively low price

What we love

  • Fire TV OS is excellent
  • Very simple set-up
  • Alexa is really useful
  • Instant access to a swathe of apps

What we don’t

  • Awful audio
  • Plastic case feel cheap
  • Rivals offer similar prices
  • Screen could be brighter

The Fire TV 4-Series is decent telly for its relatively low price. For under £430 you get a pin sharp 4K screen that’s supports impressive HDR10 and HLG standards.

There’s also Amazon’s popular Fire TV software baked in which brings instant access to a swathe of services including Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV+ and Disney+.

The neat remote has dedicated buttons for the most popular streaming services and there’s the Alexa button so you summon the useful assistant with just one tap.

Thanks to that Alexa support you can find content, pause shows and perform tasks such as setting timers and reminders – just like on your smart speaker.

The telly is also easy peasy to set up with the whole process, including screwing in the legs, taking less than five minutes.

On the rear case there are loads of HDMI ports (4 in total) so you won’t run out of sockets if you have a Sky box, console and Apple TV set-top box to plug in.

Overall we’ve been left impressed by this TV but we do have some niggles.

The audio from the in-built speakers is pretty poor and you will definitely need a soundbar if you want a decent cinema-style experience. The build quality also feels quiet cheap and the on-screen action suffers slightly if you’re not face-on with the display

Then there’s the competition as you can find other screens for a similar price. For example, you can buy a 4K Samsung telly (the most popular telly brand in the world) for under £500.

If you love Amazon’s Fire service and want a simple way to access content from across numerous platforms this latest television is really good.

Just make sure you shop around first as the television market is hugely competitive and you might find an even bigger bargain elsewhere.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review

Amazon dominates when it comes to the streaming stick market with its low-cost Fire TV range of devices some of the most popular on the planet and that’s no surprise when chacking out the best Fire TV deals. However, the online retailer clearly isn’t content with having gadgets that plug into rival tellies with the firm now releasing its very own range of goggleboxes in the UK.

There are three options to choose from including the budget 2-Series range or more premium Omni Series options but for this review, we’ve picked the mid-range 4-Series model.

Prices for these 4K screens start from just £429 but is it good value or a massive waste of money? Here’s our Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review

A neat remote is included (Image: AMAZON)

Set-up and design

The biggest nightmare of setting up the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series is getting out of the box. Once you’ve managed to pull it from its packaging, everything else is super simple with the whole process taking less than five minutes – that time even includes popping the legs that keep this telly upright in place. Having tested other screens that need a degree in engineering to screw things in place, the Fire TV 4-Series is an absolute joy to get up and running.

Plug it in, switch it on and you’ll be binging on boxsets in no time thanks to easy ways to log into streaming services via scannable QR codes that appear on the screen.

We love the set-up process but the design of this telly doesn’t impress as much with the plastic casing feeling very cheap and a little bit nasty.

The screen does push pretty close to the edges of the casing and not many people care about how their TVs look – just be aware that it definitely can’t match the metal finish of more premium screens.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review

The Series 4 comes in three sizes including 42-inch (Image: AMAZON)

Display and audio

There’s nothing wrong or particularly outstanding about the Fire TV 4-Series – it’s simply a good telly with a perfectly acceptable display.

For your money, you get pixel packed 4K technology and Amazon has also included support for both HDR10 and HLG standards to display High Dynamic Range (HDR) content from streamers and live channels.

That means compatible content looks sharp, rich and packed with plenty of detail. We’ve been binge-watching all sorts of content from documentaries to blockbuster movies and we have few complaints about the way things look.

Of course, there are limitations with a screen of this price and don’t expect the kind of vibrant colours found on expensive QLED models – the panel could also do with being a tad brighter.

Gamers might find the 60Hz refresh rate a little slow and it’s definitely worth considering something better if you want a dedicated screen for your console.

As a quick reminder, this range is available in 43-, 50-, or 55-inch panels so there’s plenty of choice to fit your room.

So that’s the screen but what about the sound?

The speakers tucked inside this telly are OK for a bit of daytime TV but they lack any punch or bass – we’d go as far as to say everything sounds a little muffled.

Although there is support for technology such as Dolby Digital Plus, we’d highly recommend a separate sound bar if you’re planning on a Hollywood blockbuster binge and want to get fully immersed in the action.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review

Apps including games can be downloaded (Image: AMAZON)

Fire TV interface

The fact this TV runs Amazon’s Fire OS software is a major selling point as you get easy access to endless hours of content without needing to buy any additional hardware.

We really like the simplicity of the home screen found on the Fire 4-Series as it makes it really easy to find shows and movies from platforms such as Disney+, Apple TV+ and Netflix.

There’s also a vast library of additional apps available with some – such as Freeview, ITVX, BBC iPlayer and Freevee – delivering content without the need to pay any subscription fees.

Along with things to watch, the Amazon App Store also features games which can be played using the remote.

The whole user experience on this telly is impeccable and skipping through menus is also silky smooth and stutter-free.

If you use loads of different platforms to get your fix of nightly entertainment then there’s not much better than Fire TV OS and the fact it comes fully baked into this screen is a huge bonus.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series gets a 4K display (Image: AMAZON)

The remote and Alexa

The remote that ships with the Fire TV Series 4 is just like the one you get with the standard Fire TV Stick. It’s small and light and even includes dedicated buttons so you can launch Netflix and Disney+ with just one tap.

Right at the top is the Alexa button which lets you bark commands at the screen and perform tasks such as skipping through content and finding things to watch using your voice.

This remote is very simple to use with just the right amount of buttons to make it useful without being overly complicated.

If we had one moan, we’d have loved Amazon to ship their improved Pro controller in the box as this channel changer includes backlit keys, more customisations and it features an alarm inside so you can track it down should it slip under the sofa.


As we mentioned earlier the Series 4 range is available in 43-, 50-, or 55-inch panels with prices starting from £429.99.

That’s pretty good value but there are plenty of other TVs out there that cost the same or are even cheaper. The only unique feature about the Series 4 is that it gets that Fire TV OS baked but that bonus can easily be matched by simply plugging a £39 Fire TV Stick into any screen you already own.

When Amazon first launched its new tellies in the UK it offered huge introductory discounts (the Series 4 was just £269!) and we’re guessing more price cuts will return during the Prime Day and Black Friday sales. With that in mind, it might be worth waiting as money off makes these displays much better value for money.

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review

Amazon Fire TV 4-Series review (Image: AMAZON)

Final verdict

The new Fire TV 4-Series is a pretty decent telly that can be popped into your living room for under £430. Its 4K screen is perfectly watchable and it’s powered by the brilliant Fire TV OS platform which offers easy access to endless hours of premium and free content.

The built-in Alexa assistant is a great addition that makes finding things to watch super simple and there’s a neat Fire TV Stick -style remote which offers unique buttons for the most popular streaming services including Netflix and Disney+.

Set-up is a breeze and there are plenty of HDMI ports (4 in total) to plug in accessories, set-top boxes and consoles.

It’s a good device but it’s not outstanding and you can definitely buy TVs from big brands such as Samsung and LG for a similar price. It also feels a tad cheap, the screen could be brighter and it’s a shame Amazon didn’t bundle its improved Pro remote in the box. The audio also leaves a lot to be desired.

It’s a good device but it’s not outstanding and you can definitely buy TVs from big brands such as Samsung and LG for a similar price.

That said, if you’re desperate for a television powered by Fire TV OS then you won’t be disappointed.

Just remember that it’s definitely worth shopping around and seeing what you can get for the same price as the Fire TV 4-Series. This is an incredibly crowded market with endless money-saving deals available on some top-notch tellies.

It’s also highly likely Amazon’s own-brand screens will get a discount in the coming months and that will make them look like much better value.

Would be happy to watch our evening viewing on the Fire TV 4-Series? 100 percent Yes! Would we buy this telly (at full price) over its Samsung and LG rivals? Probably not.

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